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Construction of Yatri Nivas at Radha Kund in mess

By Rebati Mohan Sinha In the last year`s Adhibeshan at Tinakhal, a construction Committee was formed with Shri Kajal Kanti Sinha (a retired Addl.Chief Engr from Tripura) as its president to start construction of Yatri Nivas by April 2008, which was discussed in the month of June at Mumbai. Last two meetings which we had in Delhi and Radhakund had been given in web site. Twice the foundation stones were laid for the Yatri Nivas by different people in different occasions and at different time, but those two foundations became redundant and we have to demolish as it was a hindrance to the progress of the construction work. We do not understand, when the Adhibeshan was about to be held in the month of March 2008, what was the hurry for the committee members to rush to Radhakund to lay the foundation, just a month before(ie. month of February 08). Can any one substantiate the necessity to spend the public money like this? There is a needle of suspicion that there was a guiding force t

Smart Study

By Surajit Sinha, New Delhi All about studying Since all the competitive exams are based on multiple choice question patterns, I would suggest you to study in a CBSE curriculum especially if you are in north east. If you want to make it in IIT/Engineering start preparing from class VIII. If you want to make a career as a academician or a research/scientist then only enroll for a Bachelor of Science course. Otherwise wipe out these courses from your mind. For engineering aspirants it is best to enroll yourself to a coaching institute, which not only refine your skill but also give a boost to your confidence. if you are not good enough in studies, do not hesitate to join ITI (industrial training institute), believe me this will catch you a fortune in terms of your academic capability. Girls can opt for various vocational training courses offered by local vocational colleges. The latest in thing in studying is nano-technology, bio-technology, these two fields holds the future of indu

You are wanted!

By Henry Sinha, New Delhi None can take away from the Bishnupriya Manipuris one certain thing. Creativity. I can see God nodding his head in agreement. Nothing runs deep in our blood with so much intensity, with so much melody as dance, music, art do. As a community creativity is our second nature. It’s a proven fact. Would call it a ‘proven truth’ rather. I hear all agree in a chorus. No chance of a rhythm disruption at all in this count. Never. Somehow I observe, we as a community are not vocal about it. Never were. Something stops us from CLAIMING and telling the world, ‘Hey look I’m the boss here’. With changing times, with million showcase platforms surfacing every second day it would be a sin if you don’t show it when you know you have it. In fact, bloody flaunt it. It is a celebration of our own talent. It’s our way of thanking God for having given us this beautiful gift. Apart from studies, I believe and I will truly believe till the last gasp of my breath, if our childr

Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha Mukhpatra

Here is an attempt to publicize the Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha Mukhpatra. With this, now readers don’t have to wait for the printed copy of the publication, but can read it online, from any corner of the world, without leaving this blog. Condition, I starts getting printed or soft copy of the Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha Mukhpatra regularly. The Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha Mukhpatra is user-friendly and interactive. Readers can email the document to their friends and relatives; even use the html code in their websites, print, read it in book mode, list mode or in slide mode. Please comment, about the initiative to digitalise the document coming out from the oldest and the grandest socio-cultural body of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community. If you face any technical or any type of problem. Do contact me. It is unfortunate that the document is in Bengali medium. Something that is beyond my control and capacity, I can't translate it. If Nikhil Bishnupr

Winds of Change!

By Henry Sinha, New Delhi General Meeting of Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samiti - Delhi NCR, 24th of August 2008, C R Park, New Delhi. Agenda: Perceptive Plan to drive membership for all Bishnupriya Manipuris residing in the Delhi NCR region in the Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samiti. ( BMNS, Delhi-NCR) Blueprint for Shri Shri Shri Bhubeneshwar Sadhu Thakur Utsav Members present: Dr. Nirmalya Sinha (President) Mr. CM Sinha ( Vice President) Mr. Shashikant Sinha ( General Secretary), Mr. Harilal Rajkumar ( Treasurer), Mr. Jishnu Sinha (Secretary), Mr. Nirmalendu Mukherjee ( Joint Secretary), Mr. Vikram Sinha ( Block Officer), Mr. Henryy Sinha ( Additional Secretary) The next 60 – 65 days present some tough but exciting possibilities for the Samity to slice the apple in the way it should be, sort out serious issues, take up new challenges and chart the way forward for the community residing in the Delhi NCR region. Take out from the meeting, to summarize it. For a change it w

Old is Gold?

Despite being away from homeland we all often visit our native place at least once in a year or two. In this visit we not only meet our cousins and relatives but also notice the changes in their day-to-day routine that we saw in our last visit. Change is a natural thing it’s a sign of evolution. But it’s very hard to answer at least for me whether these changes are happening for good or bad. Sonika Rajkumari, New Delhi I always hated going to my village when I was in school or you can say when I was a child. Sometimes I would be spared, going to Silchar or sometimes reluctantly I had to go there. Then starts squabble between my mom and me about the mode of transportation. I prefer going by bus, and my mom likes going conveniently by train than bus as bus cause travel sickness to her like vomiting, headache and closure of eardrums. But for me those who have done something wrong and want to repent would go by train, it would be a worse punishment from God. But sometimes I would lose

Kali-Puja In The Middle East

Call it inquisitiveness, or mere curiosity, we all love listening real-life stories set in an alien land. The cultural shocks, situational comedy, creeping fear, and like many emotional crescendos is what that makes the story lively and interesting. Here is a story from a Bishnupriya Manipuri, name not original, about his international sojourn. Read… From my early days in school, I used to read a lot about the erstwhile USSR as SOVIET DESH magazine was being delivered to my home regularly. And I used to dream about flying to that dream land called MOSCOW whenever an aeroplane buzzed over our city’s sky. By the time, my father went to Prague in formerly Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic for one month. But unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to see the pictures taken there as my father forgot to take the album back from his comrade from Bangladesh. So my father could only share the sweet as well as odd experiences he had there. The odd experience (embarrassment) was when he stump

The Great Expectation

Now when the Delhi-NCR Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samity has taken a shape with new faces in key important posts. The time has come to see how the new Samity will get involved in the fulfillment of the hopes and aspiration of the Bishnupriya Manipuri people living in Delhi and in other places. The Samity carries a great reposibility in its shoulder, on one side where it has to fulfill the expectations of the Bishnupriya Manipuri Delhites, on the other side it has to become the beacon of the whole community. Delhi-the seat of powerful decision-makers, and hub of all religious faiths, place of residence of people from all across India and the world, and with national and international activities taking place all around, like many other advantages that the city offer-is something that the Samity enjoys than the other socio-cultural bodies of the community. At this context, the health of the Samity will be enough for other communities, respective State and Central governments, and even

Ganesh Chaturthi :The Ganapati Utsav

Mumbai always remain in buzz. This time, Rebati Mohan Sinha takes the stock of the buzzing affair. . Read... These days Mumbai wears a festive look as the Puja Mondops have sprung up all over the city for the impending arrival of the Mangalmurti, Ganapati Pappa Murya. The recently celebrated Independence Day is afresh in my mind and I have been thinking of writing on the Gono-utsav (sarbojonin)of Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated all over Maharashtra in general and Mumbai in particular, because this utsav was connected with the pre Independence era. The entire city is transformed into one giant carnival.Have you wondered how it all began. Today, I would like to share the roots and more about the pioneers Ganesh Utsav in the ‘City Sarbojonik Ganesh Utsav Sanstha’,Girgaon near chowpaty, the city`s oldest Ganapati mandal,while on one hand we have low key celebration still continuing at Girgaon, on the other hand we have the crowd puller Lalbaugh cha Raja, famous for his pomp and grandeur.

Huno : Lets thank God for this Sunday !!

by Henry Sinha, New Delhi One more day to go for tea, coffee, cigarettes, khaini, chutki, gua, pana, DTC, bikes, Santro , Zen, Corolla, scooter, autorickshaw, Levis, UCB, Nike, La Mode, Janpath, Fab India, idiocy, intelligence, arrogance, politics, justice, faff, genuine, introverts, extroverts, favouritism, principles, hunger for power, innocent dedication, amateurs, groupism, isolation, professionals, this sabha, that sabha, my sabha, Bengali, Hindi, English, amaar thar, sarcasm, respect, disrespect, jealousy, love, suspicion, trust, verbose, blunt, sharp, weak, strong, trying to be strong, upstarts, successful, trying to be successful, failures, show offs, turn offs, simpletons, Nokia, Motorola, Reliance, Airtel, Hutch, Idea, landline, Gagara, Chenkuri, Baromuni, Bogotpur, Dutpur,unaam, Silchar, Guwahati, Kamalpur, rajalokei, parougolokei, e lokei, hou lokei, e gotro, hou gotro, Saket, Palam, Sadurjung, Gurgaon, engineers, scientists, businessmen, ad professionals, journos, Vikram

Our houses

This is called historical writing. Ranita Sinha wrote Sweet Home - encapsulating the changes in structure and in the designing of the houses in villages. Now, Rebati Mohan Sinha has gone even farther, to the pre-independence era. We can expect article like ' Sweet Home ' only from Mrs Ranita Sinha. Anyway her last two words sentence ‘Do share’ had inspired me to take you all a decade and a half century back i.e., pre-independence era to apprise how people were living then. First of all I would like to discuss on house lay-out, then to material used for roofing and boundary-walls and at the last a brief on people’s life style in those days. Quite often, elders were heard discussing about the sizes of the house, when some one liked to build, say ‘ noi-e-sotoroi ’(breadth- nine haat , length- sotero haat ), one haat=18`` inches, means really no partition required, as mentioned in the article ‘sweet home’. A peculiarity was there, the main entrance doors of Bishnupriya Manipu

Trends and Statistics

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"Bishnupriya" - Prefix or Suffix

Mr.Raj (in a comment in the article - Bishnupriya Manipuri and Basmati ) wants to know the development pertaining to prefix/suffix of Bishnupriya Manipuri. Let us see whether I could dwell on these two words for a while. First of all, there should`nt be any doubt in our minds whether we are Manipuris or not, because our ancestors came from Manipur, even my grandfather was heard talking in Meitei language. Now let us face the facts…at the beginning of sixties (1960), in colleges at Silchar we were known as Manipuris, even we had celebrated first religious function, Saraswati Puja at ‘ Gol Digir Paar ’, Premtola, Silchar, by both communities - Meitei and Bishnupriya. There was no identity crisis at all, at that time. We had maintained cordial relation with them. When the Union Backward Commission came in to being in 1995, we had represented our caste, Manipuri to it`s branch at state capital, Guwahati, as Bishnupriya Manipuri, prefixing the word ‘Bishnupriya’ and it was accepted by t

Bishnupriya Manipuri Status in Census 2001 Report

According to the Census of India 2001 Report, the Bishnupriya Manipuri people are residing all across the States (except Orissa) and Union Territories of India, the total population is 77,545. Data showed in the decade 1991-2001, the increase of the population is 30.92 per cent; however data on previous census is not available, it cites the language “Bishnupuriya in 1981 was withheld from publication due to the pending decision over nomenclature.” We fall in the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European family with the languages: Assamese, Bengali, Bhili/Bhilodi, Bishnupuriya, Dogri, Gujarati, Halabi, Hindi, Kashmiri, Khandeshi, Konkani, Lahnda, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Shina, Sindhi and Urdu, the report reads. In the Census “ PART B: Distribution of the 100 Non-Scheduled Languages-India/States/Union Territories - 2001 Census ” report, the Bishnupriya Manipuri people are enterprising and are residing all over India, even in Jammu and Kashmir [9], in Madhya P

Moments in my advertising career

Henry Sinha with Om Puri during the shoot of the JK Lakshmi Cement television commercial and an AV in Mumbai Henry Sinha with Alyque Padamsee ( The advertisement GOD!!) during an event for a Out of Home brand

Mringal is what I call music

By Henry Sinha, New Delhi Vodka! Joe Satriani. Almost all my Fridays, 2am. I release my chained weekday slave thoughts, see them fly high in harmony, chasing the next dawn. Freedom. Undoubtedly I enter the revered zone of psychedelic bliss, feeling the cries of the guitar and the ethanol in my blood making love like serpents in a trance. I term this spectacular phenomenon as music. The force that escalates you to a completely new level of consciousness and realization. That’s music to me whether you have it with vodka or sip it, neat. Couple of weeks back, a friend handed over a CD to me. ‘ Nua amaar tharor CDgo ’ he said. My eyes studied the cover. Six lads. Denim. Canvas shoes. Long hair. Tattoos. Right body language and the works. They had it all. Sofa so good I thought. Lets see how they sound. Looking at the cover I teased, ‘ Girokgo kita kiti dorta mo re, din kaal amnou hoba naseta, douor ela kita thaile de, bujon oilang manuu ’ ‘ Bahare pakana, poila ehan hun. Pisede dou

From a hotel boy to high echelons of corporate: a real story

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi This is a true story of a Bishnupriya Manipuri boy who in Delhi in his initial days had worked as a hair-dryer salesperson, as supervisor of labourers, insurance agent and as a hotel boy; the 20 plus boy is presently is in a high-flying post in a listed company, located at Noida. His journey in the rude city is remarkable and inspiring for many, at least for me. His story encapsulates only one thing: Come to Delhi, but don't leave it unless you make a place, so hard and ruthless the city may be. Sink or swim. An amazing fact, he is only class 12 pass. I came to know so closely about him when in my honey-moon days; I mean when I was very new to the city and had only spent one-week, visited his place and stayed with him for a month. I knew him from his childhood days, since we were neighbours and his elder brother was my friend. Anyway. He took me one day at his home late evening so that we can dose the landlady, a Budiya, whose roaming eyes scan

New faces at the Delhi-NCR Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samity

After intense deliberations and discussions among the representatives attending the meeting, held at Manglapuri, New Delhi on August 16, 2008, the Delhi-NCR Bishnupriya Manipuri Nagarik Samity was formed. The new Samity will now be headed by Dr. Nirmalya Sinha at the post of President, Mr. Shashikant Sinha as General Secretary, Mr. C.M Sinha as Vice President, Mr. Jishnu Sinha as Secretary, Mr. Nirmalendu Mukherjee as Joint Secretary, and in the post of Tresurer, Mr. Rajkumar Harilal Sinha. The highly charged meeting saw 50-odd representatives from all across Delhi and NCR lobbying for the selection of their favourite candidates, and with occasional debate, at last finalising the names. The meeting started with Dr. Nirmalya Sinha welcoming the gathering, followed by a request to all representatives to file their favourite candidates after the adjournment of the meeting for few minutes. When the representatives met again, Mr. BN Sinha along with Mr. BK Sinha, echoed the aspirations o

Kalkalight Railway Station May Be Renamed Sudeshna Railway Station

If it goes right, the Kalkalighat Railway Station, at Patharkandi, Assam may be renamed to Sudeshna Railway Station, a memorandum after being cleared from the Indian Railway Board has been put forward to the Ministry of Railways for consideration to change the name. On 16th of June 2008, the Sammilita Sanskritik Mancha, Silchar organized a program at Silchar Railway station, to welcome Sri Basudev Acharya, Hon'ble Chairman, Indian Railway Board Standing Committee, and submitted a memorandum to change the name of the Silchar Railway Station to Bhasha Swahid Station, Silchar. In the same program, the Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahila Organization (NBMMO), Silchar also submitted a memorandum to Sri Acharya, with the demand of the change of name of Kalkalighat Railway Station to Sudeshna Railway Station and for the allotment of a piece of land at the station premise for erection of an alter in the memory of martyr "Sudeshna" in the honour of supreme sacrifice made by her f

Choose your leader...

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi It's not a new juggernaut. That people exercising their support to a particular candidate in any election, whether it is for the State Assembly election or Lok Sabha election or in any other type of xyz elections. People do cast their support to any particular party or candidate. However, the same selection and rejection process do take place in the election/ selection of the members in the highest governing body, read it custodian of our community, whose activeness or passiveness is directly proportional to the well-being of our people. The whole process is something that seems- old wine served in new bottle. There is nothing new, we face the same question: who should be our leader, someone who is abrest with the education and professional experience or someone who is outspoken and possesses all the manipulative qualities of a professional politicians? The question is very tough to answer. As there is no qualification for becoming a leader, ther

Bishnupriya Manipuri and Basmati

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi You have read right, it is Bishnupriya Manipuri and Basmati. There is something common between the two, first is a community and the later an internationally renowned variety of rice. Coincidentally, both the words begin with the alphabet "B". However, it is of their struggle for recognition, preservation of identity, that brings both of them in one platter - Bishnupriya Manipuri and Basmati. There is a crisis hovering around the two: who owns Basmati, similarly who are entitled to own "Manipuri"? Basmati has been in news on the issue of ownership. Both India and Pakistan and other private bodies have been claiming the world-famous aromatic nice Basmati. According to the recent reports appearing in financial papers in India, after years of intense perley, India and Pakistan have finally decided registering Basmati under Geographical Indications, or simply GI. What about the other, the Bishnupriya Manipuri. It is sorry to say that

Is India Independent?

With a clear sense of uncertainty in the air, maybe, we Indians need another struggle of freedom in order to get rid of all the caste and religion based politics.... By BN Sinha, New Delhi Today on the 15th of August 2008, India is celebrating its 61st Independence Day and as usual all the Government authorities have organized various functions to celebrate, so also the school children will be accumulated in their respective schools to register their presence for the Independence Day celebration. But all will take place in an official way. So far the common Indian is concerned, especially the urban Indian, it is just another holiday to relax. This time it is a bonus as it falls on the weekend and two more holidays follow the Independence Day. So Indians are on a real jubilant mood and euphoria. It can be noticed that after sixty years of Independence, the socio political scenario in India has significantly plummeted. There is a clear sign of lack of harmony as more of difference

Sweet Home

In the passage of time if there is something that changes along with you, is your house. The sweet house where you spent your childhood days, it is quite sure, is different than the house you see now. Either the old house doesn’t exist; if it exists, it has been refurbished to the modern look and necessity. By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata Till one or two decades ago most of the Bishnupriya Manipuri houses had joint families. The houses used to be quite big with numbers of family members. Most of the houses had a big hall room in the middle of the house called 'dangor ghar' or 'bughgor kutha' and few bedrooms attached to the hall room which are separated by bamboo wall, whose doors had no system to close and were accessible to all 24x7. The only privacy maintained in the bedrooms were by hanging a curtain at the door tied with the help of a thin iron string or a cloth string. The kitchen was built at the rear end of the house. Almost all the houses had a vast varandah in th

Every man is a confused living being

Yes. Every man is a confused soul; he is grappled by one confusion after another. And it goes on till he is in death bed. The true meaning of Life still remains a mirage, confused, away from truth. But what is truth… By Tridiv Sinha, New Delhi When a child gets his senses, he takes a first step towards fulfilling his destiny – ‘Filling his parent’s life with worries’. He starts complaining about the untidy clothes he’s made to wear, which are spoiled by him. He excretes into his clothes and starts crying, complaining about the dress or clothes. He is not satisfied with the healthy and hygienic food provided to him and goes on to chew or taste anything that is prohibited for his own good. He plays with soil and prefers to stay on it. A bit older and he starts to question about everything – what, why, how. Parents do like their kid being curious, but this also creates a great problem whether to tell the truth in everything or no. The parents create some imaginary monsters and heroe

Metallica's "One"

By Tridiv Sinha, New Delhi I can’t remember anything Can’t tell if this is true or dream Deep down inside I feel to scream This terrible silence stops me. Now that the war is through with me I’m waking up I can not see That there is not much left of me Nothing is real but pain now Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please god, wake me. These are the excerpts from the song – ‘One’ by the Heavy Metal band Metallica. The song was inspired from Dalton Trumbo's novel ‘Johny Got His Gun’. The novel tells the story of a young American soldier who was severely wounded by a German Artillary Shell in the First World War. His arms, legs, eyes, nose and ears were gone and he could not see, speak, nor hear — but his mind functions perfectly, leaving him a prisoner in his own body. Medically, such a condition is known as locked-in syndrome. The song reproduces the feelings of the soldier lying on the no man’s land of death and life. After losing almost all the sensory organs except th

Error in 64 Squares

This was my first loss in Nationals and I could not digest it for the very fact that I knew the best move for that position but my hands touched the incorrect pieces on the board. Read... By Sanju Sinha The day was really bright and sunny and the sun was blazing all over Chennai, I was getting restless, for Bangalore weather has spoilt me for past 4 ½ years with its cool and pleasant weather. The venue for the 10th National City Championship event was Nehru stadium in T.Nagar, this was my first visit to Chennai and hardly hours in the city I wanted to go back! The Bangalore Chess team was all happy, gay and cheer full it consisted of four players who got top four positions in Bangalore District championship. The three others were Vinay, Karthik and James while Vinay was a Manager in my previous company (ORACLE) other two were small kids, Karthik is a bright and matured 10 year old boy while James is an 8 year old naughty boy, he is little shy at first sight but once he becomes

Taming the Lion

By Sanju Sinha It was summer of 1998; I was on a vacation to my mama’s place (Patharkandi) As college was over and I had just completed my B.Com 2nd year exam, I wanted to visit my cousins and wanted to have some fun with my old village folks and friends. One fine morning a gentleman came and asked my mama to participate in BARAK VALLEY Open Chess Championship as my mama ( Ram Das Sinha ) was considered to be a chess enthusiast and a good player in Patharkandi, Mama persuaded me to join the championship which was going to be held in Karimganj the very next week. I readily agreed as I had plenty of time; and I have never faced an opponent from Cachar though I have been a state player for last three years in Guwahati. Ram mama arranged a car for all four of us for four days of tournament; that included Shyam mama and Gauranga who is a childhood friend and a budding chess player. The date was 1st June (Monday) and the venue was a Bengali Primary School in Karimganj, we reached there