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Free Yourself from Digital Cage

By RK Rishikesh Sinha The Times of India , Delhi Edition, carried a very interesting news piece yesterday that Indian netizens remain online for over 8 hours a day! The news item prompted me to take a self-manthan of my online activities. To begin with, I delved into my last year browsing activity. I found in 2011, except from 2 a.m to 6 a.m, I was plugged to internet 24x7! In 24 hours, I spent 20 hours online daily, more than the report put : 8 hours a day! I have done the highest 1583 searches in June.  The news report also doled out another interesting figure that Indians spent 9.7 hours in social networking sites. My relation with social networking sites from Orkut days to the present Facebook and Google + era, is strictly limited. I find my initial interest on social sites fizzle out very soon after experimenting the new platform for few months. It happened with Orkut, and now with Facebook and Google +. Of the three, my relationship with Facebook does not go well. As a comp

Tender Notice: Bishnupriya Cultural Centre and Guest House at Guwahati

Tenders are invited for the civil works construction of Double Storied Guru Nil Madhab Mukherjee Bishnupriya Cultural Centre At Guwahati The Tender Value is Rs 12,91,082/- and the project period is 6 Months. Due date 07-Apr-2012 02:00 p.m. Construction Of Approach Road And Protection Wall And Bishnupriya Manipuri Guest House At Guwahati The Tender Value is Rs 37,45,605/- and the project period is 9 Months. Due date 07-Apr-2012 02:00 p.m. For more information, contact Public Works Department AddressGuwahati Building Circle-ii, Chandmari Guwahati - Assam - 781 003 India

Bishnupriya Manipuri literature: bloom or doom

By RK   Rishikesh Sinha Recently, BMWF was in news for celebrating grandiosely the Bishnupriya Manipuri literary meet at Guwahati. There is no doubt that the event was organized meticulously and due care was taken to make it a success, a grand success. But was it a “literary success”? Will it be remembered for infusing fresh air in the world of Bishnupriya Manipuri literature? Will it remain “venue-specific” where people forget as soon as they leave the venue or it would have lasting impression? Answers to many of these questions would be too naïve. During the celebration period we also heard about Northeastern literature and Bishnupriya Manipuri literature. In a broad canvass of “contemporary” Indian literature, though there is nothing as such “Indian literature” exist, hitherto it is the conglomeration of many diverse literature that constitute the “Indian literature”, one could find most of the languages which have found its “contemporary” place prominently in Indian literature

My dragon friend

By Ritwick Sinha , Class-V, Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Guwahati One night, I had a dream that I was walking through a dense forest when suddenly, I saw a dragon coming towards me. I felt scared but the dragon did not try to attack me. Instead, he offered me his hand and grunted, “Will you be my friend?” I was surprised to see that he was a talking dragon who wanted to be friends with me. I immediately accepted his offer, and shaking hands with him, I said, “Yes, I will be your friend.” From that day onwards, we became friends. Then he asked me to sit down on his back to take me for a ride. Together, we went to many different places around the world. He also introduced me to his family and friends. I was very happy to meet them. He again gave me a ride on his back. On the way we found many enemies trying to attack us but my friend fought with them and won. He also showed me how he could breathe fire. We went to many other places and even there we found even more ferocious and f

Bishnupriya Manipuri diploma holders’ dharna at Dispur

From our Special Correspondent SILCHAR, March 11: Bishnupriya Manipuri language teaching training diploma holders under the banner of its association staged protest demonstration before the assembly secretariat at Dispur on last Wednesday in support of their three-point charter of demands and to press for their fulfillment by the State Government. Gopidas Sinha, chief advisor of the association, said here today that it was part of their prefixed agitation programme and during the six-hour demonstration, ADC of Kamrup (Metro) M Modak received the memorandum articulating their demands and assured of positive response from the chief minister and the education minister. He added to say that after the current session of the assembly, official meeting would be convened by the government for free and fair discussion on the issues raised. Gopidas Sinha elaborating on the demands said these included appointment of Bishnupriya Manipuri language teaching training diploma holders in the LP, MV

Interview of Dils Lakshmindra Sinha

Dils LK Sinha is the President, Bishnupriya Manipuri Writers' Forum and Ex-Vice President/General Secretary, NBM Sahitya Parishad and has authored numerous poems, books and plays. Talking to Gitanjali Das, he says that he fears the extinction of his language  What does literature mean to you? Do you think it has any relevance in our day-to-day lives? According to you, does it have anything to do with all that is happening around us?  Dils Lakshmindra Sinha Dils LK Sinha Literature is the reflection of life in terms of humanity. It is a means to the ultimate truth in the inner soul of man. Through poetry, I try to spread knowledge about the Bishnupriya Manipuris, which is on the verge of extinction, and at the same time I try to express feelings which are hard to share in other mediums. Literature mirrors society. We learn about things that happened in the past through books. In the same way, our posterity will find out what we feel now through our writings. Everything happeni

Rendezvous with Silchar's alleys

By Sonica Rajkumari After few months I will enter into the world of planners. Few questions arise in my mind — did I learn all the components of Planning; what actually do I know which differs me from other professions. Here I am not pointing on my course; it is just how well I grabbed the knowledge regarding my course. Four years ago, some of my friends including me who cleared AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) and got admitted into the course without knowing what exactly this course is all about and what are we supposed to do. One thing we all knew that we need to do thesis in 4th year. For me, 2 years just passed without knowing what actually our job will be in the industry; fine we are having studios like site planning, area appreciation etc., and some theory subjects. After 2nd year, I started learning something. But one thing is for sure, Planning is such a wide subject that 4 years is not enough to learn everything atleast for me. But obviously that doesn’t m

A Tale of Cities

Dr Smriti Kumar Sinha (Translated by Ramlal Sinha) YES, it’s a tale of cities, not of one or two. Take Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Guwahati…as a case study ‒ it’s the same basic storyline. From Google earth, let’s zoom in on any of the cities, say Guwahati… Guwahati City It’s a sweltering noon. It’s the hustle and bustle of city life, with honking cars lined up. The road on the left leads one to Fancy Bazar. A billboard stands erect on the right. Rich in carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals ‒ reads the advertisement of a baby food. No substitute for breastfeeding, maxim of the WHO, written in a small font size, almost invisible. Oh no! What a stark contrast! A corpse, on the footpath! Could be of a mother. A baby is sucking its breasts, breathlessly. A bagging bowl is lying near, upside down. The crying baby is standing up. Limping… a baby boy. A mass of tangled and matted hair on its head. Mercy coins keep falling from the pedestrians chatting over mobile phones and commuters busy

"March" Bishnupriya Manipuri

By RK Rishikesh Sinha Recognition of Bishnupriya Manipuri language by Supreme Court of India; martyrdom of Tripura's Health and Urban Development Minister Bimal Sinha and Sudeshna Sinha; and the declaration of Manipuris as tribals. What do all these events have in common? Call it sheer coincidence, the month of March is associated with all  these events. And these are those events which have changed the destiny of the community and gave a new path to tread upon. To begin with # March 8, 2006 Supreme Court of India Definitely, March 8, 2006 is a historic day for Bishnupriya Manipuris. It is on this day that Supreme Court of India “put an end to the controversy surrounding the identity of the Bishnupriyas”. The long and bitter battle on the identity crisis was given a permanent period. Read more Supreme Court recognised Bishnupriya Manipuri language # March 16, 1996 Sudeshna Sinha Sudeshna Sinha laid down her life on March 16, 1996 for the demand of Bishnupriya Manipuri