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Ritwick Sinha Summer of ’69…Thunder and lightning…Max along with Ryan arrives in Drift Metropolis, India… “H e’s not your foe,” he said to me. “Who are you?” I asked. “Incognito,” he said. “The name sounds familiar,” I said as I withdrew my sword. “It should so. Max Swift” The utterance of his name left me awestruck. He was none other than my very own brother. “Bhaiyya?” I exclaimed. “You’re right”. “After 20 long years!” tears rolled down my eyes as I spoke these words. We hugged. “Your suit has totally changed, Bhaiyya,” I said, “It is awesome”. “Thanks. Your one hasn’t changed much. I suppose?” “Yes Bhaiyya. Just one or two screws here and there.” We chuckled. “Hey Ryan, get up. Don’t fear. He’s my brother,” Bhaiyya turned towards my presumed adversary and said. “He isn’t…” before I could complete, Bhaiyya cut me short saying, “Ryan. He’s Ryan Ray a.k.a. Titanio. My best friend.” “Oh” “Ryan, meet Alex alias Captain Quantum, my younger brother”, Bhaiyya intr