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You Can't Fool All the People All the Time

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

With the untoward events unfolding in the nearby website, seeing their intention, the blog has been put on high alert. All the doors and windows have been closed and boundaries are being fenced. 

The 60-strong photographs of the programme are not in downloadable format. You can’t download it. You can’t share it. You can’t bring the concept of collaboration with your own near and dear ones. Same has been done with other assets of the blog. 

And all the enriching contents are being checked whether someone is misusing it or not. I can’t help! The blog is valuable and it has to be protected. The blog is in complete denial mode, now. 

As I have told you in one article I don’t have any attachment to the Silchar town but I love my village Mohanpur. Reason! First, people whom I have encountered in my nascent school days were hide-and-seek personality. They used to hide if possible everything. The same was done here recently when an event went unnoticed. And the same mentality is seen online. The product this town throws to the world. 

Visit and click on the Photo of the Day tab, you will surely feel the same they don’t want to share anything to the valuable readers. The site breaks your trust. The site tells you in your back of your mind: You feel grateful that you are watching the photos that you have provided to you. They use watermarks [ 2003] so that you don’t download it and put it as your desktop image. Even you will not print it and put on your wall. 

Now, come to the blog. Can’t I put watermark on each and every programme photographs? I can with a click of a button. I can emblazon the blog’s URL, even my name – RK Rishikesh Sinha. 

But sorry I didn’t follow something like this that is wrong and sets a wrong example in the blog. I am maturing with this blog and hence the readers. It is first time happening that more than 200 subcribers are reading daily content written on the community activities, written by Bishnupriya Manipuri people. 

There are ethics that I have emulated in my school and in university and in my profession. However, the online world runs on some fundamentals. That is why Google is Google and Amazon is Amazon. And this blog has become big.

What the blog could have done?

(1) The blog could have taken Names, Phone numbers and many private information in the subscription procedure itself. But it was not done. Reason! In due course of time, I could become all-know person. 

(2) The blog could be visible only to the subscribers. But the blog could be seen by anyone those who are not subscribed to it. 

(3) The subscribers can UNsubscribe from receiving the alert. This option could have been stopped. So, once subscribers subscribed to the blog they cannot go out of the blog. But this has not been stopped. And see the beauty, indeed only three Bishnupriya Manipuri guys have unsubscribed to the service. 

(4) No copy-paste work: I received lot of copy and paste articles. I didn’t allow it. Reason! It will flood the blog with copy and paste work. Hence setting again a bad example. I intend to say let people write, and let the writers learn from the mistakes. Unwind their mind.

(5) One mistake that I could have done. Thanks one person for guiding me not doing that grand mistake. Else this blog couldn’t have become the darling of many like you whom I don’t know. It will remain a secret till this blog employs a Bishnupriya Manipuri guy who does reporting job from our villages. He/ she will be earning from the blog. And this is one of my dreams. 

I am writing this article because: You Can't Fool All the People All the Time

If you don’t like anything, readers have the choice they can unsubscribe. No prejudice! The blog will stop. We all need guidance same here, email me at

Note: In few days all the photos will be in downlable format.


  1. Ekdom hai haan.

    People of Silchar are the most cowards.

    Look at them they have been informed to help the Bishnupriya Manipuri team in Delhi on the 17th of January as written on your blog, but they did not go to help those poor kids. Cowards.

  2. Rishi! Your intentions are very much clear and I appriciate your thoughts. You have been doing a fantastic work....keep going...this blog will always keep rocking!........

    @ravi sinha
    "People of Silchar are the most cowards"....
    Please do not repeat this line ever again.....You seem to be an educated not talk nonsense! I don't know what had actually happened on 17th Jan. Unfortunately i was not in Delhi that day...even i was not aware of any such event. I only came to know from my relatives in Silchar as i was in Silchar that day...i didnot blame anybody for not being informed. Let us find out the reason and rectify it so that in future no such situation arise.

    ......I think Rishi is trying to convey a message to all the readers which is very clear i suppose.... But few people are taking it negatively and trying to give it a DOLADOLI shape which is unjust.

    Guys! Wake up. There's always a solution to every problem.

  3. @Ramanuj.
    Dont blaming you. Yes someone who is not in the city like as you have mentioned cannot do anything on what happened on the 17th of January.

    What i was saying is what about those people who have been informed about the difficulties on that very day. Those people were very much in the city. I am asking why those people who have got the information did not go to help those Bishnupriya Manipuri people.

  4. I liked the word coward. Its not only the people of Silchar are coward. In fact we as a country is coward. Look at the terrorist, first they email to us that we are going to attack a certain place in India. And after the attack our so called protector say that, had we been known the exact place of attack we could have averted it. Silly boy they are also human how can they say that "Aa bel mujhe maar". But one thing is clear they are more dedicated and clear about their ambition then us. Yes, I am one of the coward who was helplesly watching the tv for 60 hours on that evil day doing nothing. Though I am a Silcharite I will not revert back angrily coz I donot want some ISI agent to exploit me.

    Rishi according to what I have learned a blog is a place for discussion and exchanging ideas and issues. Till now you were doing it nicely and everybody appriciated from time to time about various topics and discussion. So, I will appreciate if you could concentrate on your job rather than other things. Despite being flooded with 100 different cars, 80% of the people in india still swear by Maruti Suzuki. Its because of its quality. So if you maintain that it will go on and on and on......
    All the best!

  5. Yes Ravi! if it is true what you are always have the right to question those people....but you cannot blame a whole town...!!! Also i am bit confused about 17th Jan. As i have seen few snaps of the event where i can see few of BM Delhite i can't make out how other people are not being informed....SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

    As you have rightly said in your earlier comments that MALTHEP AGO OILE DI TUKRA KISADE KORANI AAMARANGTO HIKANI....!!!

    Now Guys! Can't we change ourselves??? Can't we discount such mentality from our mind??? Can't we be united always??? Can't we be real PRIYAs of Lord BISHNU???

  6. I would like to put forward few inspiratinal lines of Barack Obama's speech to the people of world's most powerful nation, America. I felt heartened by reading these lines and think those guys who are misleading themselves in the name of success might get inspiration to do fair things. He said, "The challenges may be new But those values upon which our success depends — hard work and honesty, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism — these things are old."
    Success comes to those who stick to ethics.

  7. Well said Gopikanta. I just want to emphasise further by quoting one more thing, the British ruler had estimated the power of India long back so before leaving India they created a mess with Indian territorial border, which we are still trying to find a solution you call it Pakistan, China and Myanmar. We are still struggling with it.

    Time has changed we shouldn't be fooled by anyone. Speak your mind and make decision which should make other run high and dry rather then fighting like India and Pakistan or Middle East. One word "PLAY SMART", thats the survival instinct of present world.

  8. This blog has brought a new revolution among metro Bishnupriya Manipuri people. Frankly speaking, i never associated with any efforts made for BM upliftment until I countered SInce i started visiting this blog, i have been realising a big change in me i.e.I feel more responsible for my people and community.THis blog means a lot to me and hope the same for many people.

    One confession to all blog viewers, whenever i open my laptop, i first open, after opening this and reading new artcile and comments, i go for other websites. This much important is this blog to me. Everybody has experienced ignition of blood, this blog has been making among metro Bishnupriya Manipuris.

    Dear blog owner, you keep moving by holding the flag tightly, we will hold your hand, supporting you when you will get tired or face big storm.

    Saadhu Baba is looking at you and we all Bishnupriya Manipuris.Late Bimal Sinha is looking at us.They are saying that they are with us.No need to worry.


  9. Same here...This blog has developed a sense of belongingness and responsibility for my own people...Before this happened to me, I was just another confused BM among other communities...
    Now, i have a voice, voice of lakhs of people...I'm not a stranger to my own community anymore...Now I can truely feel what it is like to be a BM...All due to the this blog...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Rishi,
    Very well said.
    Imagine how many would have stood up for any opposition, if there was UNITY AMONG US....
    Few people with their crooked mind are responsible in the downfall of all great ideas and empires... lets flush them out and tell them once and for all.. u stay coz u are one of "US" we donot stand because of you.

  12. bha bha
    habbi giya ath thaparay (TRIO orka) karon tanu dhul bajon baro nacha onar pisade web site goth hoba kore photo hani lagasi

  13. bha bha
    habbi giya ath thaparay (TRIO orka) karon tanu dhul bajon baro nacha onar pisade web site goth hoba kore photo hani lagasi

  14. Baha he Challau,
    tite Bishnupriya Manipuri sou uta bipode jebaka poresila 17th Januarit, tore inform koranir pisedou, dorpeiya nagesotga maanu ugo na kita hai?

    17th Januarit gelegaiste, 18th Januarit tiou gelegais na baba. Tiou photot kaileisnaihe.
    Uhaan nakorle haante taanu aila nai!


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