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Rasa Dance performed by Bishnupriya Manipuri community in Delhi on 18 January 2009

Photo taken from Government site.

A tragic example of “concealment of information” was seen when in a cultural programme organised by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, the strong Bishnupriya Manipuri people living in Delhi were kept in dark about the Rasa Dance performed by Bishnupriya Manipuri community of Assam on 18 January 2009.

“Purvottari: Spirit of the North-East” programme was organised by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, a premier New – Delhi based resource Centre engaged in research, documentation, publication and dissemination of knowledge of the arts, from January 10, 2009 to January 18, 2009 to highlight the rich tradition, culture of the northeastern states of India. 

All the eight northeastern states participated in the week long programme. It is to be mentioned, going by the media report, people in Manipur objected to the Rasa Dance performed by Bishnupriya Manipuri community in this programme. 

“The State Co-ordinator of Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts (IGNCA), Dr K Sobita has asked Dr KK Chakravarty, Member Secretary of IGNCA, New Delhi to make a clarification regarding the controversial representation of Manipuri culture in the ongoing Purvottri Spirit of North East India at New Delhi”, reads an article appeared in a blog. 

However, a nil participation in this grand performance by the Bishnupriya Manipuri living in Delhi, highlights something is going wrong in the atmosphere in the capital city among our clan. 

It is indeed very sorry for the participants that they had failed to get warm response from all the Bishnupriya Manipuri staying in Delhi from all parts of India. And at the same time it is indeed shameful on the part of people who attended the day long programme that they didn’t share the happiness with all who had been oblivious of the grand cultural programme. 

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Bishnupriya Manipuri


  1. It is very sad to learn that some
    Delhities,capable of having good communication skill, enjoyed the program, but did not share with any one of their brethren in Delhi,
    for that matter no BM of Metro cities knew about it,eve in Silchar,the native place of performers,hardly knew about it.
    I came to know from Guwahati that a troupe from Silchar have gone to Delhi for the
    performance.Man who gave the information felt sorry for not informing us well in time.He had been specifically instructed in
    Delhi that any cultural program
    organised by BM from any part of the country should be informed to
    Delhities so that they should be welcomed by locals,in fact look after them during their stay in the
    capital.In otherwards,if any untoward happens,may be accident or
    loss of belongings,the local BM only could come forward to render help.Any way we wish, the troupe return home safely.

  2. Firstly Rishi,
    Let us appreciate some event has happened regardless of whether we have been informed or not.

    One should keep himself informed rather then wait to be served information on a plate like feeding child a child his daily dose of Farex.

    Some hard work is required.

    Secondly, in your grief of not being informed let us not fail to congratulate the team which has performed. Personal grief should not prevent us from giving credit where it is due.

    Thirdly it is not Raas Dance as you have mentioned.

  3. Those who have missed the opportunity in this grand programme were all child! hahahhahh they all had to be spoon-feed, count me in the list as well.

    "it is not Raas Dance as you have mentioned."

    bhai, this is a raas i cant help i was not there. in the source it is raas.

  4. Well then Rishi, educate yourself first. Learn what Bishnupriya Manipuri culture is before proclaiming yourself as the 'torchbearer' of the community. Look at the photographs that you have put. Is that Raas?

    Get your basics right friend. Also if you dont have any information, you headline should be: Bishnupriya Manipuri community not Informed and not Rasa Dance performed by Bishnupriya Manipuri community in Delhi on 18 January 2009. Your headline is misleading and an a huge misinformation.

    Atleast verify before you write something if you consider yourself responsible.
    Just because it is written Raas you have written Raas! Why have n't you just given the link of the source then?

  5. Also if you were indeed a responsible person you should have first collected all the 'RIGHT' information regarding this event when you ultimately heard about it and then given your sob story to the people.In your vengeance of not being spoon fed with information, you have downplayed the contribution of a team that has come to Delhi and us proud.

  6. Sir Rebati Sinha!
    "It is very sad to learn that some
    Delhities,capable of having good communication skill, enjoyed the program, but did not share with any one of their brethren in Delhi"

    How the hell are you so sure that your PR Agency Mr. Rishi, has not been informed and all the rest of the Bishnupriya Manipuri have enjoyed the programme when you were sitting at Mumbai. If Rishi was so interested he would have shaken heaven and earth and attended the programme.Is Rishi a VIP that he will be invited to every event that this community holds? It is Rishi who should get up on his ass and start REAL work.

    Also let me ask you something. When you had gone to Guwahati, been the Chief Guest (a matter which was 'INTERNATIONALLY PUBLICISED') why did not you mention a single word about the event in your article on this blog. It is only after you got you got a fitting drubbing that you came up with more details on your next article.

    Just because you get written about in this blog, dont go blind Sir. A person of your stature should work, speak, act without any bias.

  7. Mor thakat amar manur sou habbi jetai Delhir maje aiya aumatik hoba nasa ahan perform koriya geshiga. Ami youo parle arakou harou oilangoish. jetau oiyau thak amar aktai perform koreshi uhanei harou lagil. Bhobisotteu jate ashade program dehik ahenai asha koriyar.


    Baba tite aumatik souosottate, ti na kita jejoi harpaiou amare na bagashot ugo. Naile aumatik souonir khotate nagoi. Ahan raas han nagoi bulia harpashot bullete matbenai kihan. Habbipei party duhan oilai hante jobor hinoil ta na.

  8. The true worth of greatness is measured not by greatness but by strident criticism.

    ..that's why no one's talking about that prick who failed to bring it to the notice of BM's living in Delhi.... perhaps he was not worth mentioning nor criticizing.

    So don't worry Rishi, you been doing a good job. Critics with zero substance are fanatics and you know fanatics share an inverse relationship with low IQ. Let him come again. I will humor him.

  9. True Rishi or anybody lets carry on with good work.
    Lets forget about those idiotic cowards who failed to turn up to help even after being informed about difficulties faced by the troupe that on 17th of January.

  10. Malthep ahaan oile uhan di tukra korani te amaarangto hikani.

    All of us are disgusting.
    Some say you have not been informed.
    Some say people did not turn up when those kids were having problems in the city.
    Everyone is greedy personal thing and this includes you also Rishi Rajkumar Girok. You are no better then other guys it seems. You have written that people have not been informed. But you have not written about those people in Delhi who did not go to help there Bishnupriya Manipuri team that was facing problems even afet being informed.

    Youngsters forget that new site.
    Forget this blog as well. Eta haabi akta. The only guy who has sincerely worked online on this community is Ashim Singha without any greed. His blog is:

  11. Although the matter seems to have been resolved by Supreme Court, it is quite baffling that people of Manipur (Meiteis) still have an objection to our right to being called as Bishnupriya Manipuri and thereby the right to hold and showcase our culture as Bishnupriya Manipuri.

    Quite an ironical situation when a strong movement is gaining grounds in Manipur where Meiteis are rejecting Vaishnavism to go back to their original religion Sanamahism and are also working towards reviving their script by rejecting the Bong script and many are also working towards renaming the state as Kangleipak. Although the renaming of the state is not easy as it would not be acceptable to the Nagas and Kukis the other ethnic minority of Manipur.

    From all these contradictions, it is quite evident of the fact that Meiteis themselves are are not comfortable being called as Manipuris and hence it is total baloney when they keep harping they are the real Manipuris. This simply speaks of jealousy, narrow mindedness and double standards by projecting Bishnupriya Manipuri as non Manipuris. Herein I must also stress that by that account it does not mean Bishnupriya Manipuris are real Manipuris. It is quite like a Chicken and Egg theory. One can never prove who are original or who are fakes because from whatever historical document that is available, Manipur never existed till Vaishnavism came into the Loktak Valley somewhere in the late 17th century. It is only with Vaishnavism, the term MANIPUR came into prominence and the subsequent Manipuri culture developed and both the Meiteis and Bishnupriyas came under the umbrella of Manipuri society by converting to Vaishnavism.

    Hopefully the Meitei intellects and the society understand history objectively and stop resorting to propaganda and irrationality.

  12. We have enough of mingling with..
    rather made Khichuri out of this episode.Really it has blown out of its proportion.Let us stop it,and find out, what exactly has happened ie who was the person on behalf of the troupe contacted whom.Once we know the exact reason then problem could be solved easily.Can any body rate this debate a healthy one.We have talked much more than what it required, please abstain ourselves from mud slinging.


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