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Grapevine is rife

As the day to celebrate 138 Birth centenery of Sri Sri Bhubeneshwar Sadhu Thakur, to be celebrated on November 2, 2008, is coming nearer, with the same momentum, the grapevine machine amongst Bishnupriya Manipuri Delhiites, is also touching a new height. Very hot to handle!


"Last year, per family cash collection was Rs 500, this year it is mere Rs 250, I will not attend." Hope, your stomach fluttered simply reading this sentence. Imagine what had happened to me when I heard this cross pollinated stuff. I simply shrieked "Who on earth can stop you to donate x amount?" You can definitely contribute Rsx0000 and come! The pretext is doesn't hold water. It is indefinitely deposed. Order.

"Since I have been out of the Bishnupriya Manipuri society and the people, and I am not conversant to the mother tongue, I feel insecure- so I am not coming." Who is going to talk to you, if you don't want to converse and mingle with your near and dear relatives! At least come and see the sea of proud Bishnupriya Manipuri people who are going to throng the venue. See through your eyes how the event unfolds itself. I am sure you are gonna to listen bi-lingual, tri-lingual, multi-lingual with different tone and tenor of registered, unregistered, national, regional, international languages, perhaps with broken and straight accent. You will fail to count the intensity and the frequency the waves of languages would be passing through your eardrums. I would suggest, simply sit and enjoy the environment. Now come to this piece.

"Hey, I have not been invited, so how could I go without any invitation." FAQ? Frequently Asked Questions! C'mon dear, don't bring your Himalaya size ego here, especially the event which is not a personnel affair. Even the organiser(s) or so-called karta-darta can't show you the door; condition if you drop at the function with clean and tender heart. Come even if you have heard from xyz sources.

Well, there is another breed of people. Their excuse-"the venue (Shree Shiv Mandir, Sanatan Dharam Sabha, August Kranti Marg, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi) is too far away from my place and the day is Sunday. Let me see." For them, I will say-OK you are living in Jiribam, Manipur where you could enter at a particular time period. If you miss, you really miss. But, my dear friend, this is Delhi, New Delhi-the capital of India. You will get bus, cabs, autoricksaw, else sleep in the venue. I know the program will not be stretched to the troublesome hours. Anyway, who has poisoned your ears saying, the event is taking place at evening?

However, there is another engineered breed of Bishnupriya Manipuri people. They complain or comment, I don't know, I simply can't assimilate their vision in my own matrix vision. "I don't like our people, their mentality, their thinking process, their mean and useless talks, anything, any stuff related to this community" - is their refined scripted mantra. Believe me (God forbids me), my eyes instantly get moistened (with extreme happiness). I find in them a true soul of being a Bishnupirya Manipuri!!! They are great, genius, (inde) genious, God in human body!

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  1. True Rishi.
    It was a great experience so far. Lets hope to pull it off on the D Day.
    I remember an incident during collection. A lady gave us a 500 rupee note. Suddenly I dont know what happened to her, she went in and came back handing over another 1000 rupee note for the Utsav. It was a very moving moment for all of us. Not because of the amount. But because of the intent of the lady. She blessed us.And she meant it. Infact whoever I met during the collection genuinely wanted us to make it a success. I could see it in their eyes. Yes, there were times when the usual 'tumi te eta, tumi te houta' were hurled at us. But then, thats family. End of the day people have opinions, its their right to point out something they are not comfortable with. Its our duty to hear through, come back and analayse what do they actually wish. All in all each of the meeting was a great moment.

  2. Balei he tumar eta Rishi ebong Henry. Tumar eta kaana nei.
    Kuno grapevine nao choltoi....haabi lecture na..

    teinta, teinta, teinta khitha deinta.
    Aami haabiye tumar kumei haan cheitangaita.
    Giteinta khita deinta.

  3. When I was of Rishi's age, we used to go for collection of Durga puja
    'chanda' and similar remarks were hurled at us.Some time we used to specify the reasons.Once a lady came out with a fifty rupee note and said that during last puja she was not allowed to carry khichuri prasad in a tiffin carrier.
    Jokingly I had answered, for Rs.50there was no prasad in tiffin carrier,immediately she had handed over another Rs.fifty.Then I
    told her that a family of 04 for 03 day's khichuri at home prepared would be much costlier than the chanda given,then think, what would be the other expenses,like Puja samagri and entertainment etc.Of course she was not a stranger to me .It happens,I agree to Henryy what he said.

  4. I have seen a lot of shameless people in my life, but obai itao is the purest form of shameless people living on this planet. People, I think all of you agree with the fact that “The search for the most shameless people ends with obai itao”. It should be case study for scientists that how can a human have the quality of barking dog. Obai Itao you must be frustrated with the bash up by fellow BM. And unfortunately you dint apologize for you wrong doing, neither you could prove others wrong nor could take any action to those people who bashed you up. I can understand your mental situation. I am surprised that people like you also exist. If you are man then come on 2nd November and prove the world that we are wrong and you are right. I know you will not do that, coz you are not a man. I am expecting your one liner “nothing can happen” and the fine tune Khiteinta……………”. You are shame for your parents, for the school where you have studied and god must be shying making you.

  5. huh. tite kungo hai surajit?
    Tor yaari uta te bela hai.
    jaathanorta kita harparhotang tite?
    Maata khani. History haan harpasotgo? Tiou kumei chakurago na. tho basa.

  6. Hoima somor tor reply haan pakoriya me ahiya thang ugo....kotai he.....hahahaha

  7. Bakaa dangor kaam ahaan korle hai Raghab. Kotaile he more ti. Baba tite Bandor go na kita? Bandore kota koti kortara go nai.
    Article aahan lekh benai cheik.kamor information de benai cheik. baire boiya comment nakori.
    ti te kihaan koresot ta ebaka paiya. ki haan contribute koresota.

    Gujei he..
    teinta teinta
    Raghobore baleita
    ghiteinta khita dienta.


  8. Obai Itao me niyam te contribute nau koresu haihaan matle kintu khani te koresu, torka me list haan likhouri, pakoredibang

    1. Organized Death Anniversary of Sudeshna(2006) first time in Bangalore through me, but I wont take the credit alone
    even though I did a major contribution it wont be possible with my other fellow BM members.

    2. Organized Sadu baba Utsav first time in Bangalore(2007) along with 4 other fellow mates contributing physically and financially. For your kind information we didn't go for collecting money infact only few of us bear everything.

    3. Organized Khechuri Pali(2007),it went OK to some extent but there were some quarrels(dorbar) as some fellow mates came drunk in the puja which we objected.

    4. Have been donating Durga Maa Murti by HER blessings from last couple of years in New Bhakatpur(silchar),even though I
    am not being able to present physically due to my official works, hope I do the same in future also every year by Durga Maa's blessing and this I am doing for the sake of my BM fellow members residing in that area.

    5. Many BM fellow mates who works here in some lower post if needs any help in any respect I would try my best to provide. To cite an example:- Some days ago, One of our BM guy was working as a Worker(jugali) in a newly ongoing constructed building, suddenly he fell down from 2nd floor and was hospitalized. I came to know as few guys came to our house and
    I have provided them help through financially and requested them to keep me in touch. Sad to say not a single BM guy came forward to help. He is now back home with blinded eyes and is from Patharkandi Side.

    Last year one office boy died in a road accident in Bangalore, he is from Chengkuri. Go and ask his family members how was his last rites performed and who was there while doing the post mortem.

    6. In 2005 we took a major part in spreading the news to support for our BM encyclopedia when Uttam Da from US requested us.

    7. Worth to mention, I am coming up with a website that will keep track of all our BM member's, "who is where and current status, it will be a small warehouse for our community", still on progress no deadline confirmed yet :-).

    Hey Obai Itao, dont believe me I have been lying all this time....

  9. Obai Itao Lakati dorta na kita?? Gomnei he!

    Radhe Radhe Hori Hori

  10. Gulaap Babu na kita.
    Lakati nagoi.
    Nasouritana.Tiou naas.


  11. Hebania go te naserta na he.

    Itao naas naas, pel kore naas. Nungei ose ko.

    Radhe Radhe Hori Hori.

  12. Gulaap babu, kitate kortu.
    Hingsha ninda nyaam maanu nai eta.
    Eta para agoi novel ahaan ikoria jitega, Bishawnanda Giroke, huda kotogoi thakat ditarata.

    Hingsha ala jaat haan na.
    Haante.. teinta...teintaaa

  13. Itao dor Rakhual ehan te me hoba kore buje nuwarlu.

    Hingsha ninda re ninda korik; jaat haanore nakorik.

    Radhe Radhe Hori Hori.

  14. Gulaap babu. Nagujuri.
    Ti complicacies uta har naupei.
    Ammar jaat ehan hingshar Raja.

    Thakat dena hinpeitara jaat haan.

    Ejaat ehaan ime nasiya thanai bala.

    Age bare naupartai.

    Muhi boro. Muhi boro. Muhi boro.


  15. Oilga ero he

    Bujan akta falut boia ashi
    etarou khani chai ne
    Oilga tale betale na nasio ne

    Hori Hori
    Onthakpa din akta ongna oiarta
    Bujan eta thotat dufa diya thanat portai pouri

    Chup thanai bala oibo saat !!!!

    Hori Hori

  16. I know nothing about you, dear obai itao. But I would like to say just one thing - cynicism is not the solution to any of the problems that plague the BM community. And, forgive me for saying that your comments stick out like a sore thumb in this blog which is generally a forum of optimistic nature. Yet, you have the right to free speech !

  17. @obai itao

    thoupur yathang lo matourita...
    girok , khanchet baddhia lamesot he.... tata tin han na kita girok...paror he... dehanir khourang ahan thail.... jodi tor souoni ehan khani koma parle harou oitangai.... kintu nasa akkhanlo te nathaibang nai...

    yaarou nakorbang....

  18. @Ranjit

    Oti hoba comment haan dile.

    You know nothing about me. But I certainly know something about you -that you are capable of making dumb comments.

    @b n sinha

    Nyaam thum ko ikoresot. jesade engreji uhaan ikoror, usade emar thar ehanou ikoresot.Punchi paloiya thais. Tiou ikoriya jaaga,morou nasani de.


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