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Ritwick Sinha
Summer of ’69…Thunder and lightning…Max along with Ryan arrives in Drift Metropolis, India…

“H e’s not your foe,” he said to me. “Who are you?” I asked. “Incognito,” he said. “The name sounds familiar,” I said as I withdrew my sword. “It should so. Max Swift” The utterance of his name left me awestruck. He was none other than my very own brother. “Bhaiyya?” I exclaimed. “You’re right”. “After 20 long years!” tears rolled down my eyes as I spoke these words. We hugged.

“Your suit has totally changed, Bhaiyya,” I said, “It is awesome”.
“Thanks. Your one hasn’t changed much. I suppose?”
“Yes Bhaiyya. Just one or two screws here and there.”
We chuckled.
“Hey Ryan, get up. Don’t fear. He’s my brother,” Bhaiyya turned towards my presumed adversary and said.
“He isn’t…” before I could complete, Bhaiyya cut me short saying, “Ryan. He’s Ryan Ray a.k.a. Titanio. My best friend.”
“Ryan, meet Alex alias Captain Quantum, my younger brother”, Bhaiyya introduced me to him. We shook hands.

Ryan was still trembling from the shock he’d got a minute earlier.
But then, I noticed that Bhaiyya’s face had turned pale.
I asked him, “What happened Bhaiyya? Is everything alright?”
“No Alex, everything’s not alright,” he sighed.
“Why? What happened?”
“It’s a long story. Come, let’s sit down there. I’ll tell you all about it.”

6 hours ago in Texas, USA…

“Whew!” I exclaimed as the final rescue of the day was over. I had saved a 1-day-old’s life and so was happier than ever.

I handed over the child to its anxious parents. Its mother, a young lady probably in her 20s, said to me, “Thank you so much Incognito. I do not know how to repay you.”
“It’s my duty. I don’t need anything. I’ve to depart now.”

The child’s parents waved hands of farewell as I departed in a flash. I had to hurry. It was already midnight and Mom and Dad were alone at home.

Homecoming, Rift City, USA…

“Don’t ask Max. The possibility is too horrible,” Ryan said to me.
“Why? What happened dear friend? I didn’t understand what you said just now.” I said to him.
“And what’s that in your hand?” I asked him suspecting a leaflet.
“No. I can’t show you this. You’ll be devastated.”
“Ryan. Look. Don’t try to be silly.”
“No Max. I said no”

I had no other choice but to snatch the paper from his hand.

Dear Incognito,

Well. I didn’t want to do this. But you’ve forced me to. Look here. Grant me access to the neutrinos and all your well-wishers will be free.

And one more thing, don’t try to come and raid over here. Rift City has already been cleared off. I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to finish off your sympathizers. I’m giving you 24 hours to ponder upon. The fate of your well-wishers now depends on you.


I fell on my knees. Tears rolled down my eyes.

“We’ve to give them the neutrinos, Ryan”, I said in a lowly voice.

“What are you speaking Max? Are you in your senses? You can’t let Darkstorm get hold of the neutrinos.”

“But my parents… my relatives… my friends… my well-wishers… the citizens of this city… What will happen to them?”

“Oh common Max. You’re simply giving up. That’s not our spirit.”

“Then what can we do?”

“Max, there’s always a light of hope in every trouble and I’m sure there’s another one this time.”


“Your brother.”

“Ryan, how come you know I’ve a brother?”

“Why? You were the one who told me about his bravery.”

“O Ryan. You reminded me of him. I’ve never met him in the past two decades.”

“So what? He’s the only one now who can help us in our mission.”

“Hmm… Alright. Let’s go.”

At present…

“And this was the story”, Bhaiyya said.

There was a pause.

“Hey Alex, what are you doing here? The xenos have attacked once again,” said Jack alias Mechamaster, my former classmate who was now my workmate.

“Bhaiyya, I’ll be back in five minutes.”

Saying this, I and Jack sped off.

We battled it out with the xenos and succeeded in finishing them off.

But on our way back, we were encountered by even more xenos. Their number simply kept on increasing.

I was wondering how on earth I would be able to help Bhaiyya.

“Jack, you handle them. I’ve to go at once.”

“But do you see their number?”

“Jack, I know you are capable enough to fight it out with them single-handedly.”

“But why are you in such a hurry?”

“I’ll tell you later,” saying this, I departed in a flash.

I reached the place where I had met Bhaiyya but surprisingly, neither he nor his comrade Ryan were to be seen.

I looked around and called out, “Bhaiyya...Bhaiyya! Where are you?” but there was no reply.

Then I saw a piece of paper on the ground.

I picked up and read.

Dear Captain Quantum,

I’d warned your brother not to try to break-in here. But he didn’t listen. We were keeping an eye on your brother all the time. If you want your brother, Titanio and all others to be liberated, then give me the neutrinos. You’ve just another 12 hours left. I hope you don’t repeat the same mistake as your brother.


“Damn it!” I exclaimed.

“Hey Alex, I’ve finished them off. Now tell me, why were you in such a hurry at that time? And why do you look so depressed?” Jack said to me.

“Wait Jack, wait! Let me explain to you.”

“Then explain. I can’t wait to listen.” “You know…

…and this is why I’m depressed.” “Oh, I understand” said the extrovert Jack with some seriousness in his voice.

There was a pause.

“So what shall we do now?” asked Jack.

“See, we don’t have much time left. So we’ve to do some quick planning,” I replied.

“Yeah Alex, you’re right”

As we were engrossed in deep thought, I heard few footsteps coming towards us.

At once, I became alert.

“Hey Jack, do you hear those footsteps?”

“Yeah, but I’m not seeing anyone in close proximity”

Out of the blue, materialized a man in a gentleman’s attire. The way in which he turned up before us made me believe he had the invisible cloak. But who was he?

“I’ve come to help you”

“Who are you?”

“You won’t believe”


“That I’m Proton, Darkstorm’s elder brother”



“But why would our archrival’s brother help us?”

“Not without any reason Captain Quantum. You know, he kicked me out of our Castle. There are many other reasons but now, there’s no time to explain.”


Before I could finish, he spoke, “Do you need my assistance?”

“No,” I replied promptly.

“Okay then, I’m leaving”

“Wait”, Jack said hastily, “Mr….”


“Yes, Mr. Proton, please wait a bit.”

Then he turned to me.

“Alex, listen here”, saying this, he practically pulled me to a side and whispered, “Alex, I think we need his help.”


“No ifs and buts now. You know we’ve a very limited time frame. You simply ask him in what way he could assist us. That’s all.”

“Okay, since you’re insisting, I’ll ask”

I turned towards Proton and said, “Mr. Proton, do you really want to help us”

“Yes,” pat came the reply.

“But how?”

“I know the chink in Darkstorm’s army”, he whispered into my ear.

“Are you sure?”


“So let’s go.”

“Wait! First chew these capsules. You take one and Mechamaster, take this.”

“For what?” I said in bewilderment.

“These will make you invisible and then, Darkstorm won’t be able to keep track of you.”


“Oh yeah!” I and Jack chewed the capsules and then…

Proton transports Alex and Jack to The Deathly Castle of Darkstorm, Australia… 

“Where am I?” I asked myself as I could not free my arms.

 As the vagueness of my eyes receded, I realized that I was in the Deathly Castle of Darkstorm enclosed in a sealed capsule. As I looked around, I saw an entire horde of people; all of them, unconscious. I noticed Bhaiyya in a miserable condition. I comprehended that all four of us, the superheroes, were locked inside sealed capsules while the commoners were awfully tied up.

And what about Proton? Once I get hold of that nefarious being, I would simply finish him off.

“Hey Alex, where are we?” Jack asked me sluggishly.

“In Darkstorm’s Deathly Castle,” I replied.

“What!!!” an astonished Jack voiced.

He fainted.

“Hold on, Jack.”

“Yeah, Alex. But what shall we do now?”

“We can’t do anything. These capsules are indestructible by even the sturdiest of forces. So we just can’t get out of here.”

“Oh no,” saying this, Jack went into a coma.

Then I started hearing some voices speak in an undertone. It was not in the hall we were caged, but the sound was coming from outside.

The door opened.

As the two men drew closer, I recognized them. One was Darkstorm while the other one was Proton. I pretended to be senseless. “Hey Captain Quantum, why are you pretending to be senseless?” saying this, Darkstorm laughed out loud. Proton laughed along with him.

I didn’t even want to see their faces.

“Look here Captain, since you didn’t follow what I told you then, you’ve to do so now.”

“Why shall I?”

“You’ll not help, huh?”

“Not a bit”

“Okay then”

Then he turned towards Proton, “Bro, finish them off.” 

As Proton advanced towards the crowd, I screamed, “Wait!”

I turned towards Darkstorm and said, “What have I to do?”

“Listen, guide me to the place where you’ve kept the neutrinos. That’s all. And don’t try to be sly. Bro will stay here. Any sneakiness you try to show along the way, you’ll lose these people, including your beloved Parents and your Bhaiyya, understood?”

“Yeah,” I replied with some hesitation.

He unlocked my capsule and I came out.

As we were about to proceed to our destination, a bright light flashed across us.

In a moment, Darkstorm and Proton were frozen.

There she was, in a white costume with a brownish-red cape, with a glare no one could find on earth. 

“Who are you?” I asked.

Lady Frost”, she replied. 


“Well, I’ve come from the planet Neptune.”

“Wow, that’s awesome.”

She laughed.

“And how did you know about all this?” I enquired.

“Actually, I had received microwaves from earth and I knew that the earth was in danger. So I decided to come here. You don’t know, but I tell you, in all the rescues of the planet till now, I’ve played a huge role.”

“Oh, I understand. You must be immortal.”

“Not exactly. Until Doomsday, I’ll always be there.”

“Oh. And…”

Before I could complete, she spoke, “Questions later, first let me liberate your well-wishers.”

“Oh yes. Sure.” 

She threw a spell on everyone who were incarcerated.

“I’ve to leave now” she told me. 

“And what about Darkstorm and Proton?” I asked. 

“They’ll remain in this condition forever. They’ll never be able to free themselves,” saying this, she rocketed upwards.

After Lady Frost left, everyone came back to consciousness.

Bhaiyya and Jack asked in chorus, “Who had immobilized these two?”

“Questions later, let’s go home,” saying this, I led everyone back home.

I was happy that the neutrinos were safe, that the world could live in peace and prosperity.


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