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Focus: OBC Hostel in Silchar

Rebati Mohan Sinha
Silchar Tarapuré, Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur Ashramé  100'go Jelei- Munisour OBC hostel'go
Shilanyasor diné tangesila pholok'hanat likha asiltai esade........
(Const. of G+2 storied RCC 100 seated OBC boys and girls hostel)                                                           At Silchar Under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, GOI, 2011-12.
Foundation laid by Shri Rajib Lochan Pegu, Hon'ble Minister WPT and BC Deptt. Govt. of Assam. on 30-04-2013.
Shri Kartik sena Sinha, Chairman, BMDC. .. and so on

Goto 30 April 2013, pin-pini boron-hanat OBC hostel'gor shilanyas, Sadhu Thakur Ashramé oya gelga. Ashramor ere'shilanyas ehanat pulosila manué agore agoi pholok'hanor ubede anguli deha-deha aang-daang korani okorla, "Bishnupriya Manipuri Student Hostel''go bultete, kihan  dehiar'tate?". OBC hostel'go? Sendaat koutuhol'bosoto, girok agoi Ashram President'go're ankoria harpar je, bhul'kromé OBC likhani oporese'gata, din koyeker modhyei name-plate'han bodolani oitoi, baro gelga May masor sheshe'de board'hanat naang'han bodlani oil khobor ehan peilang.

Aji prai 10 bosoror goje oil, Kendriya sarkaror borshta Mantri Shri Rana Dev'r, Kabindra Purkayastha'r baro samajor onek giri-githanir donationé oya aher Bishnupriya Manipuri Student Hostel ego Ashramé oya aaite, peiraak OBC hostel ago'r shilanyas oya jana ehan ami prabasi BMórang khani ahan jopé na'homar para.

Face Booké shilanyasor brittanto photo'soho dehia,pakoriya, prashna koto'han moné jagil. Ashakoriar, Sadhu Thakur Ashram committeeé joab ditai.

1. Ere, oya gelga shilanyasór episodeé ashram committee nijor honkora niyom niti ( bye law ), sanbidhan( as per society Act 1860) ulongon nakoresita?

2. 100 go ningol sou baro munisou'r OBC hostel agor prastab'han committee'r bhitoretto uthesil'han, na onyo kuno sansthatto ahesil'han? Orthat, Ashramór B'tukra ahan onyo sanstha ahanóre daan korte uchchotorio meeting ahanor ayojanor dorkar asil kina?

3. 100 go sour OBC hostel ego kumpeit, koti'han Ashramar maati kaalkoria ubaóitoi ehanor kuno aluchana osilta( as per bye law), orthat, kuno Architect niyukti koria kummapat oile hoba oitoita, bulia prastab kita  meetingé niya resolution pass osilta?

4. Name board'han (pholok'han) aji aase, kaali neyoi'toi, kintu Govt.( document) dolil'te na'mangói'toi'nai. Dolil ehan sammande committee'rangto parishkar harpani moneyar'ta, dolil'hanat kuno poribarton ahil'ta( OBC'r bodole, BM)?

Facebooké onek aalap-aluchona'r piside, Shri Kartik Sena girokore prashna koria, likhito bhabe jehani uttor peilang ouhani samaj're harpanirka epeit dhoria tulani oil :

 Giroke ikorese orthat uttor dese ouhani esade…..  

1. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, GOI'r  Rs. 2.49 kotir scheme ehan, OBC hostel'gorka, Bishnupriya Manipuri Student'rka nagoi.
2. Bablu girokór prshnar uttore, Kartik giroke FBé maater'tai( 22nd May 2013 at 12.53)…" Don't worry, your quarries for BM identity in Sewashram is correct and name plate will be changed as desired by many social workers ; but as per norms of the Govt".
Mor prashna'han, Giroke khani khulia maatedik 'norms of the Govt. ehan ki'han?

 Uttoré Kartik giroke FBé ik'rertai( 26th May2013 at 12.52).."Actually name plate is not necessary, public have the constitutional right by RTI Act 2005, can ask for any information."
Girokorang mor ulta prashna'han asiltai…giroke ikoresot'tai" Actually name plate is not necessary"; kintu girokor poramarshe Ashramór name plate'hante change ose'go'te( OBC'r bodole BM). Giroke ebakau prashna ehanor jobab na'dese.
Kartik girokore ehanou prashna korani ose je OBC hostel'gor'ka prastab'han Ashram committee'rang giroke nije desilego? Jobab'han directlyna'dia, giroke ikorerta…..

"BMDC agreed to carry out the hostel for BM students through Line deptt/Agency ie Assam State Housing Board, Govt of Assam and accordingly allotted the work with contractor. Work in progress  and after submission of the demands, payment will be released accordingly, to the executing Agency. Regarding NOC from the Ashram Committee, it has already been obtained before sanctioning the scheme

Mor prashnaáhan girokorang thosiluta, "giroke kia ichchhakrita bhabe pholok'hanat
at Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur Ashram na likhueya hudda at Silchar likhuasileta , jobabe ikorerta, " And regards of the address, mentioning Silchar is properly implies and further question doesn't arise".

Mor onek prashnar jobabe Kartik giroke ikorerta, " And regarding the drawing and final designing is not Rebati Mohan Sinha's direction, more over it is done by the deptt. after field survey. Regarding allotment of the contractor, is not under BMDC, it is purely under the executing Agency to do as per their norms. What is reason to critical? Whether RM is not interested to implement the scheme? Otherwise sitting in Mumbai comment like BM community guardian is just meaningless.

Giroke likhitobhabe, jehan maater ouhanor onubad nakoria tulia doranir karon'han oil'tai, samajé harpaka Kartik girokor koti'han obodan OBC hostel ego Silcharé aante.    

1. Ajikar diné 100'go sour OBC hostel ( habbi jator OBC sou) agor kii huttumeú dorkarta, amar Sadhu Thakuror Ashramé?
2. Hostelégo chalanir niyom kanoon kungoi hongkor'taigo?
3. Assamór anyannya OBC hostel choler ba choltoi ousade Ashram'r egoú choltoi kina?
4. Shilanyasetto chinkoria building'go lomoni peya kunopeitou Bishnupriya Manipuri' naang ehan aseta/thai'toi'ta? ( AS PER DOCUMENT)
5. Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur Ashram naang ehan dolil (document) motey OBC hostel egor loge jorito aseta?
6. Ashramé Jagaáhanór'ka Kartik girokor NOC sarkarorang dakhil korani chhara(habbitti daangor kaam'han), BMDC ere OBC hostel building ego hongonitto chin'koria kumpeit ongsho grohon korer'go/kortoi'go? Samajé harpaka.

Chairman girokor jobabéte kuno'peitou na'dehiar BMDCé kuno kaam ahanat paang'lak korer bulia(  Tobe, shilanyasor ayujon, Kartik giroké korese ehan ekebare chiro-satya'han. Joto photo(shilanyasor) FB't ahese outar kuno'peitou Ashram committee'r manu're na'dekh'lou kintu Kartik girokorete dehiar.

Epeit mor nijoswo upolobdi ahan byakto koria  loikoring…1948-50 saalor pathsalat pakorte, mor kadat boher chhatroóugore pora nuarlo bulia betanirka aat'han paat bulia mastor'goi matte, na'korer, karon'han oil'tai uparilo hojok pinar daag'han aator chara'hanatto luka nuar'toi. dhora poril, kisade'te shastitto bachani? "Agna(sir)! raait(at night) aamar aato kigue tamak khaaise aami jaani'na". Ashramór oboshtha'hanóu ousade ahan para oi'toibulia mone or.


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