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How to get into media

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RK Rishikesh Sinha

It’s been two years I am out of the media sector. Now, I don’t sit around newsmakers and I don’t get free lunch! A privilege of a media person.

Today, if someone asks me how to get into the media sector. I don’t have definite answer to the question. I have seen in the newsroom, there are journalists who entered with sheer luck, some with reference of a big shot, and some with talent of their own.

It is surprising I have seen many collegemates and others who failed to get into the media despite having all the educational qualification, references, and skill.

There is no direct and easy path to join media houses.

However, here are some of the tips (or steps) that I have followed to get into the media. And I hope these tips would help anyone who is interested to land a job in this sector.

Get a Bachelor/Master degree in the Mass Communication and Journalism.

One will find in the newsroom, many journalists in their prime age are without any formal degree in the journalism. At this age and time, however it is better to have a degree. At least the degree would acquaint you with the difference between Slander and Libel.

Keep track of recruitment in News agency

You have got a degree; now keep track of the recruitment in news agencies like PTI, UNI, and ANI.

Regional/Local Press

Visit and submit your resume in the local and regional media houses. This is the best platform for just-out-of-college graduates to hone their skill.

Practice Writing

Nothing supersedes your talent than your writing skill. Practice, practice, and practice. Practice news writing, practice to write human interest stories...


As a journalist you should update your knowledge and awareness of everything under the sun. For this, the only mantra is to read extensively. Read newspapers, magazines, books on different topics to update yourself.

Develop knack for news

In the newsroom, there are reporters who don’t find news; opposite to it, there are reporters who have abundant of stories in their draft. So, develop nose for news.


Try to publish your pieces. At the beginning it is very tough to publish your work, but if you try hard with good sense of timing, you can hit the nail. Write on relevant topics.

 Maintain a blog

Create a blog and give it a shape that reflects your talent (that is your writing talent). This would not only help you to show your writing skill but also your web savvyness since most of the media houses have gone online. 

Start with Print Media

Try to work first in the print media. Since, I believe only print media can nourish you to become a good journalist. This is the piece of advice given by my senior which I didn’t follow.

 Work free

If all your efforts still fail to get into the media houses, give an offer to the Editor to work for free. Though I didn’t work free, I had friends who worked free in their early career but now they are into media doing their job well. 


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