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A Work in Silence

“This is a great job which the maker(s) of this site has done, not only for the Bishnupriya Manipuri people but also for the entire community of Vaisnava Bhaktas world-wide.”, commented Sankarara Kinkara in the recently launched book site BMBooksGallery, a repository of Bishnupriya Manipuri related books.

BMBooksGallery has erected one more solid pillar to the edifice of the Bishnupriya Manipuri online building. Something which was mere a wish, a whisper here and there among the intelligentsia, an agenda in society’s gup-shap, has been successfully conceived, presented and delivered – all done quietly without calling a discussion.

The mere thought to assemble books from different periods, scattered all around (note: there is not a particular place to find), digitizing them, and later uploading them one-by-one meticulously, would commit anybody to vomit blood. But this was done.

The beauty of the site is that many writers (and their work) which has gone digitize might not be living (God forbids), and some might not be knowing that the generation next has done something brilliant and has given respect to them and to their work.

The site is a culmination of works done by people – Sunil Kr. Sinha maintaining a library-like collection of Bishnupriya Manipuri books, and Sudhanya Sinha compiling list of books published in the period 1949-2000, and the last Pratibha Sinha taking the insurmountable pain of collecting, scanning, co-ordinating and uploading hundreds of books. The sweet thing about the venture is that it was done benevolently with a cause, in a timeframe, money going out from their own pocket.

However, the sweet pain is worth to its effort since it is ahead of time, many neighbourhood communities doesn’t have such a creation yet. The site would definitely be a cornerstone to the enrichment of the Bishnupriya Manipuri literature. No writers and their work, hope would remain in the dark dusty shelves. It will be crowned showcasing to the whole world.


  1. All credit goes to Pratibha. MEINGAL is very glad to help Pratibha in creating such a 'Great History' to uplift of Bishnupriya Manipuri Society. MEINGAL is & will be with her.
    Also thanks to our people for enhancing Pratibha's PRATIVA.

  2. pratibha, i may b wrong = aren't u inspired by Hrishikesh who broght power of communication in our community living in india.

  3. Thanks with regards.

  4. I like such analytical and inspirational piece. Thank u, the writer of the piece.

    Viewers will also find some data based survey on publication of books in gallery website, which is more interesting. Congrats Meingal group

    With regards --- Ranjit Sinha from Itanagar

  5. Recently I congratulated the writer at her resident and also congratulated the Meingal Group people for their innovative thinking, on the inaugural day at
    Shilpigram, Guwahati. Still, I would like to congrats the group again.
    Rebati Mohan Sinha

  6. Thanks with regards

  7. Ranjit'da, you are not wrong at all, I could not get u why such doubt is raised here. Very true it is. Not only I, everyone should get inspiration from Rishikesh and his whole hearted self dedicated efforts he had been putting since last 04-05 years to establish a media of communication to bridge a gap among the community people through this site. Maintaining a website by a individual person is not a matter of game, it's a very responsible and risky task which Rishikesh had been able to maintain it facing various obligations and limitations. This gentleman have the potential to strengthen the power of mass communication if he gets more opportunity to expand the service with more provisions if he receives everyone's support and cooperation from every corner. He deserves appreciation and recognition for the initiatives he had taken so far in this field to popularize the BM Community, it's culture & activities. After joining this site, I have been working as a team member with Rishikesh for more than 2 years with a mission to establish a communication media for our people as far as possible. I am very glad to express here that nowadays many people are coming up voluntarily to share their views, write-ups, news of various activities, programmes etc. to publish on this site exclusively and the same are published nicely by
    Rishikesh. From this we can find how much people are also excited and with this, aim and dream of Rishikesh is achieved. I feel very happy to be part of this mission.

  8. Thanks for your nice comments here. There should be no doubt at all about the initiatives taken by Rishikesh which reflects through this site. It is only b'coz of this site and Rishikesh we are able to communicate with each other, know each and share our views in a different manner apart from other social networking sites. Through this site we get introduced with many people through their beautiful creative writings which inspires and encourage everyone. I am simply a writer here and trying to expose other possible efforts that I can put with my potential. I am too inspired from Rishikesh & glad to be a part of his mission here in the interest of BM community. I also expect many others to come up and archive informations on this site.

  9. Sanjib'da, thanks for yr comment. Here, I think you & Rebati uncle are talking about the BM Books Gallery. But it will not be right on my part to acknowledge the whole credit myself individually. I would like to share the whole credit to all those persons who helped me in building the books gallery by providing required informations on books, Sunil Sinha, Meingal team for extending support, like minded friends group including you, Rishikesh & other well wishers from whom I always received necessary guidance and informations and all those who helped in finally building and promoting the books gallery and also exclusively Meingal team members in creating the website of Meingal (Bijit Sarma, Sanjib Sinha, Santosh Sinha etc.) and last but not the least all those who appreciates the task done by me which is a motivating factor always.

  10. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

    It is individual's inspiration that drives them and to do the work.

  11. frankly, i find myself in a tight situation.
    all those who have commented on the inspiration issue, unintentionally, unknowingly [might be] have created a sort of misunderstanding, doubtfulness, a sense of shame between pratibha and me. i know each and every people contribution in this blog. and readers are fully aware of this. about pratibha: many people might not be knowing that is is due to her contribution that in guwahati there is a sizable population [top 3rd, 1st Bangalore, 2nd New Delhi, 3rd Guwahati] reading all the articles, earlier it was nowhere.

    Let me write not more.
    RK Rishikesh Sinha

  12. I'll second with Miss Pratibha on her thoughts!
    I think Rishi is an inspiration. The dedication and perseverance with which
    he continues to manage this blog is commendable, infact he's a very positive
    example among my peers. There could be great initiatives going on
    around, but to keep it going is where it matters. I dont have to mention about
    the contributions part of it, i believe any evolved person would understand
    that we dont have any information bank like this worldwide. I'm sure the
    coming days would see more websites, differents concepts in the internet
    world from BMs, but this site would have its own length and depth.

    Miss Pratibha- Heard about your portal, great reviews. To be honest, i have
    gone through homepage just once (hoping to cover it soon) but knowing your
    work, i'm assuming it a great product. Please keep at it, am sure you're
    doing a wonderful job, just knowing by the very intent of it!


  13. Pratibha, nyam oil.

  14. Hi Prabal, just stretching hard so that [maximum to maximum] people and I could get daily dose of reading. 'inspiration' --- are nah. Enjoy reading.

  15. I am agreed with Ranjit. No doubt Pratibha has done a great job but one can't deny the initiative taken by Rishikesh to highlight the BM community online is beyond words and I think he is the inspiration for many others also to do something online for the community. has provided platform to the entire community and its people to express their thoughts by boosting their confidence.
    I have been following this blog since its beginning and reading every update and new articles. I have witness many writers BN Sinha (his articles were totally innovative) to Henry Sinha (his articles were true reflection of the community's thinking process) to Rebati Mohan Sinha ( bringing Mahasabha and other organisations of the community near to the people ) to Pratibha Sinha (I always loved her soft stories and now her effort is visible to everybody) and recently Suroshree Sinha (nice write up about personal experience)...I am a avid reader of

  16. There are two ranjit here, me from Itanagar, and another from where ?
    It should be clarified, else people will confused .......
    Attention Rishi....

  17. Yes, I am noticing. There is difference 'Sinha' and 'Snha' with both the 'Ranjit'.


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