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Chances of Kartiksena becoming Chairman bleak

Courtesy: The Sentinel (September 26, 2010)
SILCHAR, Sept 26: Chances of Kartiksena Sinha, the controversial MLA from Patharkandi becoming the chairman of the proposed Bishnupriya Manipuri Development Council was very bleak, hinted Urban Development Minister Dinesh Prasad Goala. Talking to The Sentinel Goala said, the State Government wished to form the much awaited council for the Bishnupriya Manipuris with someone having undisputed background and transparency as the chairman. In the backdrop of Rs 1,000 crore PDS scam, where Kartiksena was one of the accused, the State Government was not willing to award him the post of chairman, hinted Goala. He further added that leading representatives of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community had met him on Saturday and urged that until the financial allegations on Kartiksena was wiped out, he should not be made the chairman.
Sources said, Goala had suggested the name of Dr Deben Sinha, president of Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha, the apex body of the community. A team of leading representatives of the community would meet Revenue Minister Dr Bhumidhar Barman, the head of the six-member core committee formed by the State Government to formulate the modalities of the proposed council. Meanwhile, a representative from the community, on the condition that his name would not be disclosed, said that in the present context, is a man like Kartiksena was made the chairman of the Development Council, the entire Bishnupriya Manipuri community would be tarnished.
On the other hand, without naming Kartiksena Sinha, who was expelled from the BJP for voting in favour of Congress candidate in Rajya Sabha election, the Parliamentary Secretary Siddique Ahmed said, a prominent figure from the Bishnupriya Manipuri community with undisputed transparency should be made the chairman of the proposed council. Otherwise a wrong message would be sent which ultimately will hamper the image of the government.
Kartiksena’s name figured in the charge sheet of the Rs 1,000 crore PDS scam in Arunachal Pradesh. Former Chief Minister Gegong Apang, one of the main accused, was already arrested and sources said Kartiksena would also be held today or tomorrow. Sources said, Mahasabha, after consultation with two Ministers Dinesh Prasad Goala and Gautam Roy as well as Siddique Ahmed had proposed the names of leading representatives from their community to be inducted in the council. Kartiksena, who was highly applauded for compelling the State Government to sanction the development in lieu of his voting in favour of the Congress in the Rajya Sabha election, was the unanimous choice for the top post. Goala had put Kartiksena in backfoot. On the other hand, an influential group in the community was not amused to find that Kartiksena was accommodating his close aides in the council.


  1. RK Chandrakanta Sinha22 October 2011 at 19:23

    R u son on Ghunadhar kaka Mr.Ranjit, If yes than I can ask you one thing that there are lakhs of Minsts,Top Officials (incl Hon'ble Prime Min Rajiv Gandhi) were involoved in several scam. Can we people raise our voice against them. One thing I can tell you that most of our social orgs r completly inactive during yrs & yrs but they gather on BANDHARA once in a yr. We should change all these rusted mentality & attitude then only our society can develope. By God grace the right pers of Chairperson of our Dev Council has already in the power(He is Hon'ble MLA Kartik S Sinha) . I hope he can only bring revolutionary in our community. I request all our BM people to join hand & coperate with him to dev our comm. thanks.Rk Chandrakanta Sinha

  2. This article seems like a piece of propaganda....I am sure there's a dubious motive behind it.....and who's is this so called anonymous source ? I think there should be some form of validation before a news item like this finds it way to print or online medium of this point in time, perhaps this seems like easier said than done, however, this is something worth debating in our society forums....FOOD for THOUGHT!
    Reading this article, one gets an overwhelming sense of deja vu....the same sick mindset what is aptly called the "crab culture" seems to be at play here...the bane of our Bishnupriya Manipuri society ! Someone truly said, the enemy within is more dangerous than the enemy outside but somehow we just don't get this even after repeated failings at the altar. Why do we always tend to put a ridiculous spectacle of us before the government and often at times when things just begin to go favorably for us. The BDM is such a momentous step for our community after a long drawn struggle, so please don't squabble as to who gets the chair atleast at this initial stage. The debate should ideally be towards building a concrete framework of the BDM ....what should be our vision and mission, the principle and the constitution.. how should it be constituted so that there are checks and balances to avoid wilful decision making....remember, it's the first of a kind for our society, so how do we make it function efficiently and such other questions. As for the leadership of the BDM, I think the judgement should be subject to the constitution which would be drafted, just like any other democratic institutions...but again, this is something which would evolve over time through a lot of groundwork. Meanwhile, the initial leadership should ideally be someone who has a bigger appeal among the society be fair, Karthiksena has spearheaded this effort and been a catalyst to this eventual shaping of the council. Being a MLA, he has brought in a visibility hitherto unseen in the bygone years. Even for the numerous follies or mistakes that one might ascribe to him, he is definitely the best bet provided the intellectuals within our society bring in a positive influence on him by joining hands and working together instead of petty squabbles.
    Jishu Sinha

  3. Ramenda,it is really wrong perception by few Leaders of our NBM Mahasabha Centra/State Body to justify every corner before make any issue..... knowing to other community peoples.Considering the genuine facts of backwardness,Hon'ble MLA(LAC-2)SHRI KARTIK SENA SINHA,PATHERKANDI sacrifices all achievements in the field of Politics,business and etc to ahieve our poor community's long pending aspectations i.e..decl.of separate sl.No.30 of OBC list,appointment&regularisation of Languagistic Teachers,Dev.council and declaration of Patherkandi Town etc.

  4. hello mr.Ramen, do you have any idea that-
    since 2002 dr.debendra sinha was demanding this dev.council and that time he was the proposed chairman..and its dr.deben sinha only who deleted his own name from chairmanship and suggested kartik's name.

  5. my vote is definitely for a clean ,transparent and a person with a gud moral: "DR. DEBENDRA KUMAR SINHa"

  6. my vote is definitely for a clean ,transparent and a person with a gud moral: "DR. DEBENDRA KUMAR SINHa"

  7. hello mr.Ramen, do you have any idea that- since 2002 dr.debendra sinha was demanding this dev.council and that time he was the proposed chairman..and its dr.deben sinha only who deleted his own name from chairmanship and suggested kartik's name.

  8. well, there can be no comparison with such a faluty immoral person involved in different scamzzz!!
    it is shame on our part to just even compare..
    everything is just BLACK AND WHITE!!

  9. Rebati Mohan sinha22 October 2011 at 19:26

    This news item is suitably fabricated to divide our community, taking undue advantage of our ignorance on BM Development Council. Has any one of us known that the govt. has rejected Kartiksena's name? Earlier Mahasabha had projected his name before the Development Council was declared. Please be aware of such news of so and so Ministers told so and so etc.As far as I m concerned, being a Working President of NBMM, so far no meeting is held to nominate anybody's name in place of Kartiksena.. Some vested interests spreading the rumor of Dr. Debendra Sinha as Mahasabha nominee for the post of Chaiman,BMDC.Please restrain using the name 'Mahasabha' as and when any office bearer, may be President or Working president, feels so..I still remember, Dr. Debrendra Sinha once refused such an offer when he was asked in a Central Working Committee meeting of NBMM in this year, siting his personal,professional and family commitments.

    The reporter has approached wrong source this news item.We are all united.
    Such news will not do any harm.

    Take on a deeper look on this matter. u'll get to know the truth- what ur honble' MLA has done for or ruined patherkandi nd cause damage to the image of our community!!

  11. very true!
    hope it gets in2 the brain of our people

  12. Why this policies of back biting let any one become Chairman of the Bishnupriya Community or the Development council( money putters and vote mongers) < every body grow up and be sensible ( let be Kartik senaSinha who is in a scam of about Rs1000crorewith Geong Apang and (he is ( apang))and will be the scape goat and he has earned all that money from Arunachal Pradesh and thats all his money calling for the Chair man of Bishnupriya Development Council and he has been voted from the people of Patharkandi , Baropua, Berenga sans from hailakandiand none were asked about Baromuni, Shingari Chencoorie Bhakatpur etc.The reason why ? These people are not counted as Bishnupriya Manipuries? Why one sided?Why not some intellectual from the Bishnupriya community? Is there no one comparable to Kartik sena? Lots are there but the money talks

  13. MY VOTE IS FOR YOU. kartil hahahaha very funny! sorry kartik. it seems people have forgotten in a night your contribution. you brought everything, now when it comes to give a shape and everything is ready just going for formality. there are people who wants to have the cream. you baked it------------------------------------------cream someone take. u should be the chairman,

  14. i think the blog owner should run a survery -- who should be the chairman? since he/she carry out lot of surverys!:)

    1. choice: Kartik Versus Deben
    2. choice: Kartik Versus GS NBMM
    3. choice: Deben Versus Rebati
    4. choice: Deben versus GS NBMM
    5. choice: Deben versus president wrtiers forum[dils lakshindra sinha]
    6. choice: kartik versus all GS in Delhi, mumbai, kolkata....anywhere

    i hope he would agree with it. ")(

  15. don't u thnk rebati....debendra sinha wants to have the chairmanship

  16. As per the information given by the investigation officer of the much talked PDS scam to the media so far 19 accused including four MLAs were arrested and released on bail within few hours. 41 persons chargesheeted and prosecution sanction from the Govt is pending against 44 Govt employees. It will be wrong to say gegong apang is prime accused as the investigation is still going on, his name is appeared in the serial number 5 of the accused list, while the name of Kartik Sena appeared in Sl no 8 and total accused are 96. If any one closely observe the investigation, he will come to know that at this investigation stage even putting an accused in jail does not mean he is convicted and found guilty. It is called judicial custody, not jail sentence. At this present juncture, even if Kartik Sena is arrested by investigation team in various charges under IPC, it will be wrong to say, he is a guilty or confirmed accused in PDS scam.


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