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Top 10 Lurking Questions

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

Ever since the BishnupriyaManipuri.Com came into existence in the web world, some questions are repeatedly asked by first-time readers and writers.

What are the questions?

# Ques 1:“Kita lab ase site e-han choliya?” What is the benefit running this site?

Ohh! “lab”, frankly speaking if it is ‘money’, then there is nothing as such monetary benefit owed to BishnupriyaManipuri.Com. Nothing to feel sorry since Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul, faces the same question, and all content-rich mega-sites owners that you see all around the Internet are brooding over – How to monetize their sites. There is no economic model as such developed in the Internet world. If you have got one, share with me!

This was money aspect! However, at the individual aspect, yeah the ‘lab’ has been immense. I became Google ninja*!, Web expert, self-proclaimed coder-editor (like an news editor making plans what to publish, how to go ahead…etc.) , hunt news and follow news to the hilt, and see with my own eyes how Internet and media is undergoing transformation (Juggling between US and India sites).

• I brought back my official website which was banned by Google within 24 hours! Ask anything about Google and Internet tools, I might have poked my nose there.

Of course, I do think why I am running this blogsite, the skills that I have mentioned here could be gained running another blogsite which has its own charm and aroma. But it is something related to ‘me’ aspect. That’s I don’t know…it is something self-realisation, self-discovery…I really don’t know.

Yeah, feel good (not happy) when I witness change happening on ground triggered here in the site.


# Ques 2: Why our people don’t comment to my posts?

Hahahaha….i laugh when I hear this question. It is one of the most asked questions. Statistically speaking, I tell them you go to any site with lakhs of readers…and follow the comments…you will see even these sites fail to snowball comments*. So, forget slew of comments here. Well, besides this, we have got big ‘ego’…(people say) why should I comment even if it is good…

• Well, if you go to US-based websites there you will find comments….but for India-based sites…only controversy garner comments…See Rediff News.

# Ques 3: “Ohh! I have an idea to write…. But it would be of negative shade”

This is one question I hear when a first-time writer after writing few of the articles says to me.

I say, “Don’t write then”. I usually don’t go telling them that even in newspaper if you work…there you will not be allowed to write ‘politics’ and ‘business’ unless and until you have been grinded well…and you have come to know - how to write on these subjects.

Start with “human interest stories” around yourself. This is the best practice that any new journo or writer is given the task to develop news for nose*. So, I would say to any writer – Develop nose for news…write on human interest stories…people love it.

*In my initial days of my career in Guwahati, I wrote n-numbers of articles to get published in The Assam Tribune…but to no avail…they were never published. Desperate…hated the people there…but one day I hit the bullseye…I with my friend discovered the house in Kamakhaya Temple and hunted documents written by Vivekananda in his stay in Guwahati…a century ago. The article got published…I developed the nose for news…after that no looking back.

# Ques 4: The site is too complex…I don’t know how to comment and read archived articles.

I really feel sorry when readers say this. It means navigation is poor. Here I would say – use Archive tab in the right side panel. Or else, use Google custom search at the header where BishnupriyaManipuri.Com is written. If everything fails, do send me your query, definitely I will provide you the article link.

One more thing to suggest to new readers who are not acquainted with Internet – Click anywhere in the site, it will not disappear. Don’t worry about it. Explore and discover the site – just click.

# Ques 5: There is no ‘life’ in the site that was earlier.

I just say ‘Yes’ when I hear this remark. I ponder – what is life*?

But deep bottom my heart the answer comes – I have matured, in the same breathe this site has matured…readers have matured…and ‘you’ have matured reading your ‘own’ stuff. Isn’t!

Next question comes – is this called ‘maturity’!

• Personally the mere definition of life changes with every moment that passes by. Is it making everyone happy when you are unhappy with your life; or is it something catching the star on which you believe. Everyone has its own definition of life. I align to the definition of life which defines “Success”. The success that blooms you, enrich you, and give a reason to strike the inner spark.

# Ques 6: Now, very few people write on the site.

Very few people ask this question. I say, ‘yeah, they don’t write’. If they ask the question, “Why?”. I answer “…for how long one can write? day someone will stop and I will stop (God forbids!)…it is life”

Than I retort back…Even I have stopped my professional writing which is important to my career…hardly I write …so…..

# Ques 7: What direction will you give to the site in the future?

[Again] Very few people have asked this question. Hardly 5 people have asked this question.

I answer them – Two things can happen. One it will be stopped*. Second, I am in terms with other blogsites owners who are catering to the same niche – community-based sites.

My initial conception is to create a community-based blog network for the entire northeast India something like hyper-local sites in US do which gives information on block level. If they (other blog owners) understand what I mean; and we all join hands the whole media consumption and delivery model will be changed. At least I am hopeful. If it fails…I have got enough experience to tread the path, alone!

* I become greedy whenever I think like this. The site has got enough Google link juice (it is continuously linked to many websites), which increases its value and authority in the internet. And yes, the site is a small microcosm, a tool to understand internet better. It serves as a laboratory which gives me freedom to carry out experiments. And I love statistics, mathematics!

# Ques 8: Your job is simple, just copy-paste the articles sent by writers. You don’t do anything!

Really many people have said this, that I don’t do anything. They further add, ‘You take the cream prepared by others’.

True, but half-true!

I don’t answer, and I haven’t answered, yet! With so much content – articles, music songs, videos, and photos – managing them itself becomes a full-time job.

I feel like asking the person (though I don’t ask them) – How you have dropped in the site?

#Ques 9: I feel bad when someone complains about my article…what do you feel when same things happens with you…(incorrect facts)

I usually say, “You do one thing, don’t write when you are in doubt”. Not saying the famous adage: When in doubt cut it out.

# Ques 10: Why you have written after long time, soo long article?

I am hoping this question. Answer: I feel like writing. Got enthused seeing the traffic spike in the site after this post “Take Bishnupriya Manipuri Exam


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