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Mosquito: 'Human give us blood, we give you company'

By Anannya Das, II year Planning, 
School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) Vijaywada


Hey…. it’s me mosquito, your buddy in sharing each day of your life. I am a very little creature but a very important part in your day to day life, I am a part in all your activities, your day and also your night, I even share your room. My family has always been a part of humans since generations. I have good sharing relationships with you, humans. I exist, yaah really! May be because of me you have spent a lot of time but surprisingly you never noticed or ever tried to dignify my presence.

Anyway I am a very little creature and you are million times larger than me but I don’t know why you humans are so decent, that whenever I pass by you or come near you, you fold your hands before me, children clap at me and I can’t even count so many products which you use has my photograph printed on it. I really feel very great about this like a hero. You people never mind whether I show my bumps and fly off…….GREAT……..!!

Today hundreds of industrialists, entrepreneurs and company even the rich people have my support. Today hundreds of products having my cute pictures, “so many actors to advertise, so many to finance and so many to use”. Hahaha!! (feels good). I am so used to it that I can recognize the products(whether it is Good Night, AllOut etc.) by smelling and to say they are good, I mean “good enough for me to survive”. My friends and I are also good at chorus. Whenever wherever we sing, people turn to check where is the concert going on.

An addition to this so many doctors have car, bungalows, earns a lot of money, live a luxurious life only because of me. Didn’t you get it? See as we have a very good taking and giving relation with humans. They give me blood which is sufficient for me to be alive and in turn I give them dengue, malaria, fever etc. I really work hard to carry all this, say me how can I find all varieties of disease in a common boundary, ha? So I have to fly long and long. I carry disease i.e. people get ill, they get hospitalised in search of doctors -- doctors treat them, they get money and become rich. Many hospitals and medical college, shops etc only run for me. If I’m not there they won’t be there. They should be thankful enough. So as I said I share a lot for this country in its economic success.

But ……..My special category reveals a hundred of students who are residing in a jungle like structures called hostel in Vijayawada School of Planning and Architecture since one and half year who really don’t bother me at all. They might stay whole day and night working in class completing their sheets, but it makes no difference to them either I seat on their body or on their sheets, they don’t even dare to touch me. “So mean of them”. After getting so much respect since so many generations I didn't expect to see these day. One day one of my friend took his last breathe on a sheet of a boy. I felt so sorry thinking that he would scratch my friend’s body, unbelievably what I saw was…………. that the boy kept that sheet aside and drew the same thing on a new sheet. Oh!! So much respect, my tears rolled on seeing this. I observed and observed and later changed my vision and I tried to see the positive side of what they are doing. They might skip their breakfast, lunch or dinner but when it comes for my case they never let me skip my food they are really helping. Above all of that I feel it’s a multi cuisine restaurant I can taste from all over India at one place. I was bored of same tasting food since years.

My motto “you give us blood we give you company”

I love u SPAians………


  1. nice work didi... it was awesome.... i never knew how a mosquito feels and whether if they had feelings... now that i know, i'll try to spare each and every mosquito i find...
    try writng something on bees next time...
    i'll be waiting...

  2. great perspective! you already become planner, thinking so laterally.

  3. really very nice article .... never knew abt this wat mosquito thinks..... and wat we spa guys are contributing..... its correct only.... we change our fully completed sheets and redo it if something happens like this.... well writen.....

  4. Wow........... for the first time some one from our mosquito community "something" has come up. Dear Dengu and Malaria courier brother, we do all our hard work to prosperity and progress of the humankind.Human should be thankful to our contribution because they cannot neglect us because we are for them.
    I on the behalf of all our brothers and sisters take a pledge for the upliftment and endoresement of the only natural courier in the world: MOSQUITO
    Hail Mosquito..........

  5. very nice, i realy like it,especialy third para. nice work annie,keep going on.......

  6. Good stuff Anannya!
    I wont talk about the articulation but the thought process, bringing in fresh and creative touch in blogging. Keep them flowing.

    Way to go!

  7. thanks all of you for appreciating my article which was a result of my instant thinking process . atleast someone should think of bichara mosquito's . hai na?



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