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Is Imaar Thar in Danger: Unity in Smoke

The series started off with the first write-up, followed with the second, the third, and the fourth – all prominently depicting the take you have taken on this subject.

Jitendra Sinha
Present Place: Agartala
Native Place: Kalinjar (Silchar)
Is Imaar Thar in Danger: Yes
Views: Coz, our Bishnupriya (Manipuri) people didn't faith each other…to fully co-operate each other.

Debajyoti Sinha
Present Place: Gujarat
Native Place: Silchar
Is Imaar Thar in Danger: Yes

The reasons are too numerous but am jotting down a few to start off

1) Lack of pride in our mother tongue & culture except for a concerned few. We blindly ape the Bengalis in everything they do starting from Durga puja, speaking in Sylethi, blindly copying Bengali traditions and using them our most hallowed social functions. And the worst part of it is that this is sanctioned by the very elders of our society who should have been the ones to guide us.

2) As is evidenced by the personal experiences of many writers in this Blog, it seems that many of us do not take pride in identifying ourselves as manipuris/bangals ( pronounced Baa + ngal as in ingaal-ngaloya ; This is what our elders called themselves ). We are in a minority everywhere; we lag far behind other communities in education, money & political power. The only thing left to us, the only thing we can cling to is our identity. Take that away and we become either Bengalis or Biharis( Because of our surname).

3) Ah and finally the jewel in the crown . Our Venerable elders ( ahal laman ) fighting amongst themselves in the name of Dola -Doli . This is this is the legacy they will be leaving behind for future generations

P.S. BTW can anyone tell me what this dola -doli is? As far as I know it started as a feud between the followers of two Brahmins ( Gagra & chenkuri ; please correct me if I am wrong ). My views may be a bit simplistic but if I had my way, I would have let the two Brahmins fight it out and would have made a bit of money on the side by placing a few well informed bets. But seriously, are we so naive that we let a few misinformed people hijack our society and lead it down a sure path of destruction. I really appreciate the time and effort spent by the creators and contributors to this Blog. I do believe it will go a long way in creating awareness and pride in being Manipuri. As old song goes “We shall overcome, we shall overcome some day .....”

Surya Kumar Sinha
Present Place: Beltala, Guwahati, Assam
Native Place: Rajnagar, Cachar, Assam
Is Imaar Thar in Danger: Yes

Views: Assam, India, World as a whole is downed with numerous problems, as such giving importance of demands of minority Bishnupriya Manipuri society by the leading political Parties remains a distant dream. Besides, our so-called leaders belong to Mahasabha OR Sahitya Sabha are also not interested to give any importance to the recognized personalities such as the world renowned Linguist Dr.KP Sinha, Ph.D,D.Litt. etc, the reasons best known to them. A section of the Leaders are practicing egoistic factionalism which is very much harmful for the next generation as well as in recognition of our IMATHAR. Our people should also participate in National Festivals of India to show our culture at least in celebrating the Republic Day of India in New Delhi to draw attention of others. Be united, practicing egoism with sectarian motive in all sphere prevailing in our society is very much harmful for us. We forgot the very concept of our Vaishnava cult. At present we are at best in the shameful bed of civilization, whereas even very minor societies have surpassed us keeping us in the medieval period in terms of over all development. We are really stagnant.

Rabin Singha
Present Place: UK
Native Place: Bangladesh
Is Imaar Thar in Danger: I can't say

Views: Hi there, I really don't know what's going on? So I think, I must need to know about problem of EMAR THAR and if it going to danger we will have to find the soluation by all togather.


to be concluded...
Today is Erei (Friday)

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