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Need to create an ocean of information on Bishnupriya Manipuri is urgently required

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi
Whatever ‘sprinkle’ success that the blog has achieved so far is only due to readers. It is due to their participation and support by religiously dropping on this blog day after day (though disappointed many times not finding any new updates), from many slew of recipes, that has worked wonder in the success of the blog.

However, with the increased volume of readers, their queries have also shown a jump. They are searching, believing that the blog would fetch out anything related to their queries, unfortunately are not being addressed. Thus it has become a challenge to quench the readers’ quests.
They are searching ‘ban on mobile in Bishnupriya Manipuri villages’, ‘great personalities of Bishnupriya Manipuri’ etcetera on the blog. The blog fails to deliver anything concrete to these searches.

Hereby I request owners of the Bishnupriya Manipuri websites/ blogs like,,,,, and others

to create a common database so that Bishnupriya Manipuri readers’ quest are addressed instantly at one window.

How the readers will benefit with a common database?
Suppose a reader types ‘bishnupriya manipuri: as a contact language’, in the Google Custom Search button on the left panel of the blog, they will not find anything relevant information to this query, hence their urge to know is killed, consequently it will kill his or her further queries. It is indeed a great loss on the part of the readers and for the blog, hence for the whole Bishnupriya Manipuri online blogs/ websites communities.

If we create a common database, the query would be addressed, in one place, by visiting the website(s) or blog(s). The system will help vice versa, readers searching on those websites/ blogs that are part of the common database henceforth their devoted readers.

What does it mean?

If we create this ocean like database of information, the present online generation as well as the coming generation that will soon join will be able draw information-water without any hindrance from the ocean till internet remains as a primary source of information gathering.

The present scenario

Each and every online entity devoted to our community is the best, the best, I say. They have a signature and aroma of their own. Unfortunately, there are plus and minuses inflicting to all these websites/blogs. Some have articles- I call it pillar-articles, devoted to basics of being a Bishnupriya Manipuri. And some have their own taste.

So, here is my humble request to Ashim Kumar Singha and Uttam Singha and to all those whom I don’t know online to join hands in creating this ocean. Let us do it, for the betterment of the whole community.

Readers! Do comment mentioning what is your view, how do you see in creating the ocean of information?

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  1. Dear Rishi,

    I do really appreciate you for your idea and the consciousness. Ten years ago "Bishnupriya Manipuri" was a unknown word to the web, but in the past few years we have some achievements like our own language code, ethnologue, own wikipedia, search engine listings etc. We are still in the ingoing process and we should make the process continue by contributing whatever we can. Hopefully your blog has come out like sunshine with a group of active members and contributors. Words fail me to describe my appreciation to this endeavor. This is clear indication to the world that Bishnupriya Manipuri race may be small in numbers compared to population of the world, but we have proven our existence and separate identity.

    ...Regarding the common database thing, it would be a great idea but the point here is, does a blog or website necessarily need to become a electronic encyclopedia? Secondly it is very difficult to implement such a platform independent application that will work both in websites and blogs. Thirdly there is question of authenticity. Fortunately all of the resources of the entire world wide web are already indexed in the search engine database, anyone can access them from anywhere. So there is no problem with contributing and sharing resources from different platforms and sites. Yes we need to create oceans of informations. The English WiKi and our own BPY WiKi can serve the purpose more efficiently. We can enrich our information bank by contributing whatever little or more we can.

    In the mean time we need to give extra attention to our language because our language is one the most endangered language in Asia. Researchers say that a language in the world disappears every two weeks. Just imagine your mother tongue disappearing in the near future, leaving only a few dominant languages in the world. This is why I seriously feel we should encourage the use of our mother tongue Bishnupriya Manipuri in communication, reading, writing, blogging and everywhere. At the same time we should develop written literatures in our language because literature is the main proof of existence of a language. And the existence of a language automatically implies the existence of a race.

    Best wishes and Regards

    Ashim Kr. Singha

  2. Dear Ashim Kr Singha,

    You start counting dangers, and you will end up endless list of dangers confronting our community.

    The situation is not different in India. The use of Bishnupriya Manipuri in every facets is decreasing day after day. Thanks that this time Sadhu Baba utsav held at New Delhi was truly solemnized in our language.

    This was indeed a great achievement. and more steps has to be taken from our front and from the government side to give impetus to our culture and language.

    In my article I mentioned pillar articles devoted to our community. and most of the articles are at the websites/ blogs maintained by you.

    That is something working as a window to our community. For someone who wants to know, understand the community. these articles works as the beacons to all the readers. and the credit goes to you.

    Your query:
    does a blog or website necessarily need to become a electronic encyclopedia?
    there is a BLOGROLL mentioning all the blogs/ websites maintained by you.

    It works fruitfully since someone dropping at the website can go to this entities and go on discovering.

    This is very helpful for anybody. Now if someone types: Bishnupriya Manipuri in Google. It shows you 94,100 links.

    and you know a person spends on an average 10 seconds in online on an website. and this is the time a reader has to be hooked.

    Yes, all the websites and blogs are indexed in the search engine database. and this is what the figure 94,100 shows. and you know in internet the game is all around keywords. That we don't have control over it.

    What I was proposing is to create a small search engine within the mother Google search engine fully devoted to our community.

    This is something like landscaping an area devoted to our community in the world of web.

    I am adding the link of in the blog.

    Readers not know to ur list of blogs/ websites maintained by you will surely appreciate it.

    Your comment:
    we need to give extra attention to our language because our language is one the most endangered language in Asia.

    the question here is: a large population of youths are migrating from village to cities/ in defence for job sake.

    How to catch them so that they and their offspring remain in the gravitational pull of the community. it has to be addressed.

    Best wishes and regards
    Rajkumar Rishikesh Sinha

  3. Even I am appreciating ur afforts as everybody knows that YOU ARE A HARDWORKING guy who did all this struggle ......Very Nice Sir....And ALL THE BEST....


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