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Competition and Collaboration

Do you extend your helping hand to a person who seeks your assistance? Do you take part in an initiative of common cause? Do you support your classmates in leveling their incompetence in a subject? Are you a knowledge-miser, who kept information/ knowledge close to his heart? Have you ever helped a friend of yours in examination?

Well, these questions are not meant to trouble you. If you fall into ‘no’ side, don’t worry. After all, we are all poor human soul, we are fallible. It doesn’t matter whether you have extended your hand or not, and hadn’t taken part in a common cause, didn’t help your friend, and have kept universal knowledge in your palm. It is not your fault. Actually, we are clowns of our past generation, of our education system which teaches you to come ‘first’ in school examination by not sharing your competency. Forget about the ability to work in a team. Why should I? Why should I become the second person? Task of common cause – I don’t have time. Such negative feelings have gone so deep in our psyche, that we don’t see beyond ‘me’ and ‘myself’.

To put it blunt, we don’t have words like ‘give’, ‘share’, and ‘collaborate’ in our mind. Competition - ohh! I have to backstab you.

Coming to the blog, since its inception it has been running by the contribution of many writers. They stole time from their busy schedule, daily chores and have been relentlessly putting in their effort to increase the status of this blog. Had it been the sole work of me, I am sure it would have been no where as I am unaware of many things about our community. Also there is no time to sit 24 hour in front of the PC to keep the blog updated. It is because of everybody's contribution that it achieved the place it is today.

The beautiful thing about this blog is that it is counted as one of the active sites on the internet. I feel proud to this fact, that we collaborate, share and give something that is intangible to the world. All the articles are jewels, they are priceless. They carry lot of things that we can’t gauge. A case in point, few days back I don’t know why I took print outs of few of the articles written by BN Sinha and of Ashim Singha.

The same day while sharing the articles with one of my relative, who dropped in our house, I saw he was literally eating the articles of BN Sinha and Ashim Singha. I didn’t know he is coming and he is so interested to read the articles by our writers. Lest, I would have taken print out all the 200 plus articles! I miss the chance to smuggle out articles in print.

Another case of collaborative work, the article of Sonika Rajkumari 'My 19 Days Journey' brought to the knowledge of lots of aspirants about the School of Planning and Architecture(SPA), Vijayawada, which was by than only in paper. According to her before she joined SPA, Vijayawada, the students knew about her. It is indeed the power of expression!! And because of her work, our blog and we as a community also came to the knowledge of many who never knew that a community named Bishnupriya Manipuri even exists. It is just one example from many.

Now, my heartiest appeal to all. Can't we collaborate even more and set an example for others to follow. Yes, I am sure we can. At present also, I presume, that our blog is the best from its neighbouring websites. Type 'silchar', 'assam' 'karimganj'. You will see keeping aside government websites and two or three news websites, which are not at all enriched in contents as our blog is. I call them 'Link' websites as they link to other websites, almost everything. You will see in these websites, if there is contents, it is NOT updated. They have body but NOT soul. But we are rich in contents which are original. Thus, we have both, the body and soul of the people. Because we work as a team.

And with more collaboration, we will flourish more and be able to take our Bishnupriya Manipuri community to new Zenith.

Do write and make it more lively.


  1. Have you ever helped a friend of yours in examination?

    What a question dude, you just hit the hornet's nest reminding me of my daredevil Cowboy days.

    Yes, I not only helped myself but helped anyone who needed help in the examination hall. I was a king of the examination hall. Had a natural talent in transferring and collecting chits under the nose of an invigilator.

    However, it is not a game for everyone. One has to be very methodical and precise and has to devote painstaking hours in
    organizing the little chits in order and plus also need to have a good peripheral vision to keep a track of the invigilators
    movement. Well I would not like to go too deep in technical details but the most important part is the planning and the mental conditioning of mind. I can't help but say I had machine life efficiency because I always worked hard in all the minute details.

    A classmate of mine who is now a successful Doctor asked me once "you had so many skills. Why did you have to resort to underhand tactics?

    Now his question made me think real real hard and the Buddha in me got activated and I came to the conclusion, WE DON'T REALLY CHOOSE A SKILL, THE SKILL CHOOSES US. Just to prove this point, once I had a dumb fan follower who came under my tutelage and I taught him the required skill of cheating. But dumb that he was he accidentally crammed all the notes while making chits and comes back to me and says the invigilator never suspected or caught him because he hid the required notes in his brain. That shameless creature was a dark spot in my legacy.

    Anyway I am now a more firm believer in the theory that a skill is a skill and hence deems respect and no one can take away anyone's inherent skill. So what if my skill does not have popular acceptance in society but philosophically, I can die in peace because I did carve a name in a certain skill and even had my own devoted fan following. If it is in my hands, I would remain a student forever taking exams in an examination hall every day. It is not the damm degree that interests me. It's the thrill in the examination hour that interests me and off course the eulogies of FANS.


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