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Smart Study

By Surajit Sinha, New Delhi

All about studying

  • Since all the competitive exams are based on multiple choice question patterns, I would suggest you to study in a CBSE curriculum especially if you are in north east.
  • If you want to make it in IIT/Engineering start preparing from class VIII.
  • If you want to make a career as a academician or a research/scientist then only enroll for a Bachelor of Science course. Otherwise wipe out these courses from your mind.
  • For engineering aspirants it is best to enroll yourself to a coaching institute, which not only refine your skill but also give a boost to your confidence.
  • if you are not good enough in studies, do not hesitate to join ITI (industrial training institute), believe me this will catch you a fortune in terms of your academic capability. Girls can opt for various vocational training courses offered by local vocational colleges.
  • The latest in thing in studying is nano-technology, bio-technology, these two fields holds the future of industry and survival of humans.
  • There are several government scholarships available national as well as international. The information can be found in the embassy website of that particular country and the advertisement comes in leading newspapers of the country. Otherwise there are various foreign universities which offer scholarships, search the net regularly to update yourself.

Career Planning

  • to find out your skills like communication ability, inter personal skills etc. If no, then start improving them.
  • While in school and college involve yourself more in extra curricular activities like theatre, public speaking, visiting NGO's etc. These make your resume dynamic and catch the attention of today’s HR specialists.
  • The recent influx of big multinational automobile company and energy companies has created a huge potential in the engineering sector. These doesn't mean only graduate level engineering candidates can make big in to it. Diploma holders have lots of opportunity especially in the automobile, refinery industry.
  • Those who want to make a career in hospitality industry should carry themselves very well. Because looks and attitude is very important in these field.
  • CBSE is giving more emphasis on extra curricular activities to ease the children from the burden of studying. So in many schools there are dedicated department like, music, sports. So if you are good singer, musician then goes for it. In big cities you will get lots of part time jobs in these fields.

Finally all of you must be wondering why there is no mention of call centre job, in this regard I would like to say “Do not choose call center job as a career”, take it just as a starter if you need to otherwise avoid it. Again KPO can be better option, which demands lots of intellectuality.


  1. Is the purpose of a student life is only to read CBSE books and prepare competitive exams, clear IIT exams, become a academcians or research scientist? Which lunatic told you that the measurement of intellect is based on fulfilling this criteria and rest are all gibberish? Why can't girls join ITI and only join other vocational courses? What other kinds of measurement scale do you use to define a human's place in society? Is only application based study is what real knowledge is? Does Moral Science education has no relevance? What is success? Why a intellectually stimulating job in a KPO is better than a call center job?

    You seem to be person with opinions only in elements of Black and White and no shades of grey involved. I don't know if I am enjoying to write this or have lost my perspective after reading your downmarket view. If you are a parent by now, I just pity on your kids. I can clearly see how you are shaping their future to be the next Einstein. Son piss at 9 o'clock, shit at 10 o'clock. Okay no more questions.

    What new order society you want to create which has no room for a call center agent. An assembly line production of doctors, engineers, IAS officers, research scientist etc who do not have any desire, personality or a mind of their own but simply acheived their position by following your preordained mechanism or sacrosanct template. Jeez why you rake your head to create a highly evolved inhuman society. Have mercy and simply create some sophisticated robots and spare the humanity.

    On second thought, I am assuming maybe you are conveying great wisdom via your blog or may be you are a career consultant or maybe a life's big failure and has fallen on philosophy and like a true blue philopher speak in abstract but believe you me, the signals are very confusing. I mean I have not seen a power point presentation ever as a blog. Yes sir, I am talking about your blog,,er.. power point presentation. Sorry if I sound rude but you did not prepare us with any brief introduction or or any sound logic why one should follow your advice and you simply dished out your sacrosanct abstract gospels using bulleted points and left it to interprete at the mercy of my imagination.

    By the way, I am a bloody Call Center Agent and by my own screwed opinion, I am a success because I simply love the job I do and is happy and content.


  2. I agree with Pink Floyd..if one would hv been an IITian mereby by studying CBSE than any Harry and Dick would hv been an IITian and all the state board schools would hv been closed by now..and a student who donot hv the material to be an IITian or passing any entrance exam can never make it whatever preparations or coaching schools he/she enrolls..i dont say one do not need preparations but this fundas u laid down makes no sense..if u would hv noticed the toppers in any field comes mainly from villages and mere vernacular schools..also i pity ur thought about girls..what vocational course do u suggest for them?-tailoring or doll making? When we girls are moving forward in every sphere, people like u can only think girls not even eligible for an ITI..

    Do not degrade any profession..because the profession u are degrading is the source of somebody's success..

    Be an IITian or an academic or an ITI or as u say a call centre employee whatever profession one pursue, first be a human being..learn to respect others and once u r a human, success is bound to kiss u..

  3. todays examination oriented education is all about smart techniques. It is not mere hardwork that is erquired to crack the exam. It is all about good tailor made books, orientation and lot of do and donts. It is truly unfortunate. But this is the fact. examination is all about commit and vomit.

    cut the edges and pinpoint to the syllabus on whihc all india level examination is set. They refer to the CBSE board.and i agree with surajit!!!!!!!!!

    Now on vocational training

    I would say such jobs are market driven. now IT is hot, it may not be as such in the coming years. Every job is market driven. SOmetimes markets favours and sometimes not.

    Many things determines someones profession. interest, social and cultuarl reasons and all blah blah.....

    it is simple funda walk on the ground but set ur eyes above - see what opportunities lie ahead.

  4. Frends, Surajit is a young up-coming writer. Or at least he try to be one. We should not blame him for the entire mishap. It may be because Rishi-da and BN-da always encourage the young BM generation to prove their talents and contribute some things to the Blog . and Surajit may think it is the safe ground (being our own BM Blog) for the target practice. I am sure he has no disregard towards any job or profession and has no evil things like gander bias. The problem is the vocabulary he used and the lack of packaging and window dressing of the article. I mean to say he need to add a good introductory part to his article, like Henry-da is used to do in his write-ups.
    Well, Surajit is young and just entered into the “sansar ki maya” and trying hard to be a part time writer. We should read his articles with all that limitations and with the spirit of a fellow BM.

  5. Very informative….and feeling good because your article is like a bright light in the dark way …….In my life my Dad is my guide who guides me now and then...great na...Nice One

  6. I apprecicate the commets made by you. regarding call centre job i just want to tell you tat there is a big pressure on american corporate for outsourcing jobs to india. and this year presidential hopeful barak obama has also pointed towards curbing the outsourcing to india.

    regarding vocational training, at the begining of the sentence i said 'those who are not good in studies'. this is just to empower those girls to be independent.

    IIT/Enginner coaching is a 10,000 crore industry, so i guess its a stupid poeples business and those who are dying to make into IIT are some crazy minds.

    If making money is not moral of todays generation why DRDO has no engineer, why people are not joining DRDO and going for IT industry.

    may be i m a empty preacher and if my short sightedness hurted you then i really apologise to you all.

  7. I was the first person to congratulate you for ur maiden article.U need`nt to apologise.We are not writers,we are trying our best to express our own views. u go on with ur pen.Here, no one is an examiner.Every one has a right to comment and let them do so.Don`nt be demoralised.

  8. On what basis you came to the conclusion that a girl not good in studies is good enough to learn doll making or tailoring and not an ITI? Can you educate us more about other jobs which do not have an impact on globalized market dynamics? What is BPO and why Indians should reject a billion dollar industry? Give us a clear and critical opinion and don't give me the Obama, Laura, Bush, Dick funda and don't evade questions.

    By the way, there is no need of an apology as no offense was felt. If you read my first post again, you will understand that I am not questioning your holier than thou intent you have for society but rather questioning your power point pearls of wisdom presentation with no voice over explanation and the DO's and DON'Ts you have prescribed for young wannabes. In any case, a seasoned call center agent rarely feels offended. We are way too hard wired and thickskinned to get offended by silly remarks. In my line of job, we deal with cranky vultures with ignorant opinion day in and day out and when the situation demands, I mercilessly reduce them to insignificant vile dust with just a subtle use of power packed words. My Yankee paymaster says, I am a born natural when making a Yankee cry and perhaps because of that element, I love my job.

    * NOTE: I offer no apologies bragging about my job description.

    Coming back to your article, you simply made sweeping statements with no rhyme or reason and your thoughts totally lacked depth and substance. I always felt preaching DO's and DON'Ts or critiquing something is a tough job as you got to back it up with extensive research. You need to read a lot and require more indepth understanding of BPO professions rather than forming biased opinion based on hearsay or seedy journals. You can't invent the wheel again! But what research will help is to generate new ideas to improve how the wheel works!

    Bravery and stupidity walks hand in hand and so far you are surely brave with your sacrosanct opinion.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Most of the BPO offers customer service. And those products are were doing good till the customer care concept came. It is just an extra pampering the companies are offering to the customer to be a better product. This happened because the companies are doing good. Now the companies are doing well because economy is doing good. To maintain that good economy or to take the economy to the next level you need energy. That’s why American needs lots of energy to keep the economy get going. That’s why America is the largest consumer of oil and recently China and India. America’s main source of energy is Saudi Arabia, world largest exporter of oil. Saudi Arabia is a family controlled state with American Military support. Here I would like to point out that Royal family is guarded by US military remember not be Saudi Army. Because in the past there are several coupe to topple the royal family. America has a military base in Saudi Arbia only to secure their energy source. Unlike in a democratic country like India where people might oppose these nexus. So if any political crisis happens to this kingdom state, the American economy will slow down because of energy deficiency. Which consequently result in cost cutting and the first impact will the extra pampering that is customer care. Life Insurance Corporation of India is managing a billion dollar corporation without a customer care like other US companies. So as a measure to cost cutting companies might opt for other cheaper source.
    Because of limited energy resources and global warming this industry might go off the air in future. So my point is to alert the future generation to go for a sustainable career option, where if some industry fails he should be fit enough for other jobs as well. The impact is already started Convergys has shut one of its shop in Mumbai. GM has put on sale their iconic gas guzzling brand Hummer, till now nobody approached.

  11. At least I have tried to mislead people. so take the baton from me and give poeple your valuable suggestion. dont play gureila war hiding in bush. you wait for people's write up to come in this blog and try to point out only negative things and then bashing left and right. why dont you come up with something and lets see. rome was not built in a day dude. this blog is just a platform which we are trying to reach to maximum number of people. it has just started and you are trying your best to pulling it down. you write valid good things, then people will not read me. you dint see about scholarship information, your vitamin deficient eyes didn't see, where i asked student to participate in extracurricular activities. i know it will go on like typical NDTV debate with no end.

  12. I also know that you will say I dont have time to write all this. this is complete waste of time. am i right.

  13. you are young so you can take cranky calls of yankees, but when you will be husband and a father just imagine for no reason the yankee is shouting at you. does it a feel good factor. which a good portion of the yankees do as they know that there job has gone to indians. can you tell your wife, your children your experience honestly. of course you will say only the good things.

  14. Jeez, I never knew Customer Service is all about customer pampering. I never knew the high end tech support offered for products of CISCO, Linkys, Microsoft, IBM etc by a BPO professional is about customer pampering. I never knew a high end .Net support provided via phone and remote access is all about customer pampering. I never knew the high end Corporate sales made by a highly trained Call Center agent is all about customer pampering. I never knew a thorough professional Collection agent of American Express or Bank of America is all about customer pampering. I didn't know the centralized Help Desk support for Fortune 20 companies in an Indian BPO is all about customer pampering.

    I did not know the software industry in India which earns 90% of its revenue by offering software support is about customer pampering. Major software comapany like TCS, Wipro's projects are all about offshore software support. I don't know if customer pampering is high on their agenda.

    So what are you kidding about, dude? We live in a globalized world and we cannot escape that and as far as I know any job can get affected for X or Y reasons. By the way, you still did not tell me which jobs is self sustaining in a globalized economy.

    Your attempt to link America's obsession with Energy and a perceived political crisis in West Asia is once again a BRAVE attempt to downplay a BPO profession.

    But as you say, letz peace prevail. You have all the democratic right to revel in your ignorance. Let us live together. To each man, his/her own profession he/she is destined to. To monkeys, likewise.

  15. I never said the word BPO in my article considering the fact there is a huge number of branches come under this abbreviation. I said call centre which is just like any other basic call centre. I am not diverting or ignorant.
    You could have said it politely or you could have asked the moderator of the site to change certain things which you found wrong, or come up with your last article in the first place. After all we all should take responsibility to make it a beautiful place. I know people close to me/BM working with CSC, American Express, so I understand the difference. This is just a basic information for basic people which I think was right not necessarily you should think that this is the ultimate truth.
    It’s a misunderstanding from both sides. So all well when ends well. Let the true positive spirit be alive.

  16. The stated high end support service for the likes of Microsoft, CISCO etc which I talked about is essentially provided by a 24/7 Call Center unit by the likes of Conversys, HCL Comnet etc which you can otherwise also call it as a BPO unit.

    Once again I don't understand the term "Basic People."

    My apology if you have felt my disagreement or questionarries as impolite.

    You talked about NTDV debates and I am also sure you must have watched BBC's Hard Talk or Karan Thappar's interviews. They do hard questioning and but by no stretch of imagination they are impolite. My spirit was on that line but maybe my attempt was a failure. Anyway, Hate the Sin and not the Sinner.

  17. Hori Hori
    baba asi lakati doraitana kita.
    pithi haan faartu na kita hee.
    e radheroooooo

  18. Itao na atkei. Kumei han nungei oshe.

  19. Bhalo Bhaloooooo

    Hori Hori....

  20. Listen to this true story, this guy is from my village who used to work for Sahara Finance, whose job is to collect small denomination of currencies everyday. And I have seen him doing this for the last 5 year. One day I went to a friend's place and surprised to see him. later I came to know from my friend tat he has gone through a big tragedy in life so he left his village. i think he is not even a graduate and with 10 years of no experience in job after his formal studies, it was difficult to find a job that to in delhi. but he managed to get a job in a furniture house with few grand. which is not enough to live in delhi in a rented accomodation. so he called his wife to join him. i think she also doesnt have any good qualification but he managed her to join a export house where she is doing some stitching work. now there income is plus 10 grand and living a life better than he was in village. there are 25 odd such stories are in and around NCR. Since I look in to only black and white shades of life so my message is for those people (vocational training and IIT). those who comes in between are managing their life somehow. now you will say this message is not reaching to those people. you are right. we are looking for ideas to spark from here and discuss issues. its a nano initiative. but i m also not in a position to start philanthropy. people like you do not need my advice. but those people need and i try to share my experience and my view to them.

    now come to obai itao, i felt the same way when i came to delhi 10 years back. i used to travel in public transport and happen to see many fights specially in buses. on many occassion i thought now the other guy is going to hit the person, suddenly a dialogue comes "tu toh samajdhar hain pada likha hain" and with in seconds the ice start melting, its such a powerful weapon. so i dint have the chance to see a real blow. and this is a great learning i did living in delhi. its true professionalism my friend. so cheer up.

  21. See the positive things of this blog Hrishikesh has given a platform to express ourselves, Mr. Revati Mohan Sinha encouraging each and everyone to write and informing about various aspects of our community, Brahmananda points out various social issues, Henry started a clear professional communication mechanism, Sandy i die hard BM who will not alow anyone to disgrace us, Pink Floyed is a fantastic columnist, Ranita Sinha refresh us with stories which are close to our hearts, Sonika brings smile to our face with her stories and so many who have tried. I want more people to join. So dont shy away, may be you are better than who are regularly writing here. So Pheonix and Obai Itao instead of clapping from distance, be clapped by others.

  22. everybody cannot rule. some rule and some are ruled. me and obai itao are happy being ruled. so let us clap from distance.

    since every writer, every actor, every sportsman etc needs spectators to cheer them up, so both of us are doing the job of cheer leaders. if we r not here all ur effort will be colorless.

    so chill!!!!! and enjoy writing and let us enjoy reading ur writing.

  23. Teinta Dheinta , Teinta Khitha Dhenta...

    Ghithentha Khitha....dheinta....

    Rightoo Phoenix. Applause.

  24. Oh you are welcome, tats not a bad idea. i appreciate that.

  25. Phew! This sure is interesting. Liked the debate at the fag end of the comment strip ( if it is!). Not very sure on what came initially. Personally, I am not for getting at someone during a discussion or hurling digs on such a platform. Having said that I understand some write ups really instigate rage. I do get instigated at times. I got personal too at times. Honestly I feel, it ain't cool.
    Though we may not like it, but its all about how you react and not how you feel. Lets debate. Lets us not run down. This is everybody's blog. I love the way Pink Floyd comes up with his comments. I see an arrogance in what he writes. But then, we need this arrogance. Sometimes being humble just doesn't help. I appreciate it. Great to see Surjit throw light on some very vital issues. They are burning global issues.We need to know them.
    Sure there would be always something, someone to trigger your impatience - content, grammar, tone etcetera. Take a pill of responsibility and chill.
    Lets make this blogsite like none other. Lets make it a bloody case study. Let the world click on this blog and say what the hell, this is just WOW


  26. @obai Itao, Phoenix

    A little CRUDENESS, RUDENESS, and DISRESPECT can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day. Among other merits, criticism also motivates a person to dig deep and counter arguments with more rationality.

    If you disgusting Chess tournament cheerleaders were not such poopheads, you might have thought of it yourself.

    So get a life Dogadbagurai, Guru, Moish, Hinsapa/Hinsapis. Ehan Kumei han nagoi.

    Ooops...soorry for the vile words. I donot use it for free. I get paid for riling a Yankee.

    By the way, what does "Dogadbagura" mean? Can you guys share some nice politically correct Bishnupriya Manipuri swear words along with its translation. More highly rich BM indecent words can be emailed at You will surely help a fellow poor BM brother do well in his line of job. Thanks in advance.


  27. I am among the few lucky persons who come to know in advance what is going to public. However, seeing zero-time affect of an article is altogether a different story. In this particular article the direction that the comments has taken / are taking place, I suppose, are healthy and beneficial to many readers. You will all agree! With this, readers are not only getting a refined perspective but at the same time a chance to draw his or her conclusion. Here it was CALL CENTRE. It is a burning issue, no doubt. Next time when you come, come with preparation.

  28. so much of mutual admiration hori hori hori hori !!!
    ebaka lakati dila utai, ebaka baro rakhual haan deraai ta na kitaaaa.

    Kumei haan na bagiyo haiii

  29. Although I m a spent force, can not take part in debate on such topics;but i feel young at heart, when I read such healthy debate.We wanted people to come forward, express their own views,so that readers might benefit out of it.Today it is gradually happening.I m not only happy;but also can boast of haviing a BM blog where many intellectuals taking part.

  30. This has to be the best comment I have ever come across ! This means a lot to us Sir.
    Bless us. WOW!

  31. Must mention the credit goes both to Surjit and Pink Floyd for the wonderful debate.

  32. Nice to read the conversations. My personal opinion,"YES uncle is better then NO uncle, sorry Something is better then nothing". Whatever surajit has pointed out is correct to some aspect but being a BM and getting a BPO/Call-Centre job is a great achievement in the first place I would say. Surajit has shared his real time experience and ideas, much appreciated.

    My personal experience, I tried getting into a BPO for twice or thrice but I dont know the reason why I was not selected even though I thought I am capable enough :-). One of my varsity friend who studied for 5yrs in Computer Science started his carreer with the BPO industry and is still in the same profession, works for Convergys in Delhi I guess and goes abroad quite often as any other software professionals do. He is happy with his job and earns much more then a 4+yrs exp. Software Engineer does. So what I mean to say is "Be a master whatever your profession is, doesn't matter".

    I would prefer a child gets completed his 10+2 which is a must(stream doesn't matter). Throw him out of Assam and let him/her get mingled with the outside world to become a competitor in future.

  33. I agree absolutely, especially the 'throw him out of Assam' bit. Well said Raghab. And dont worry about your not being able to crack the 'BPO Code'. Maybe your call is somewhere else. Keep trying and try real hard.

  34. @ Pink Floyd

    "All the world's a stage,
    and all the men and women merely players:
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages."- William Shakespeare

    Everything that happens is a kumei, so let us enjoy the kumei.

  35. Well , its absolutely great to see the healthy debate here , argumentation with legitimate logics… Believe me if I m asked to make a choice to sit whether on treasury or the opposition .. I will simply opt to sit as a front line audience…these kind of debates on real issues definitely helps to analyze the boons and snags of respective issues..

    I believe there are opportunities and threats in every industry , every work, every path…
    In todays global economic scenario all industries are mutually related to each other.. many micro or macro external or internal factors may effect any industry.. as we can see a hot debate in the Indian parliament on N – Deal or any economic issues destabilizes the Sensex so also the related industries… all industries are volatile…i have n no of friends working with BPOs ( I believe call center is an integral part).. few relinquished on the very beginning of their career and few are working for nearly a decade, going great guns… For me , I m into lighting industry and every day I happen to feel the heat as every day a latest innovative products hits the market , positioned with great promotion and pricing.. notwithstanding there are ample of opportunities we find as there is a boon in the real estate and infrastructures…
    Though it is always advisable to make a SWOT analysis before taking up any career path or assignment but , I strongly support and applaud what Mr Raghab has said , "Be a master whatever your profession is, doesn't matter"… Yes if someone is pioneer in whatever he does it has to pay him back great fruits… For example we know that cricket in India is a million dollar game …BCCI is a cash cow… but also know how difficult it is to get into the national squad.. as only the 16 members are felicitated with great amount at the end of the day.. and he who is the maximum run or wicket getter gets the maximum… again its very difficult to b consistent…there are plush facilities and academics in every city for this particular game… In another case there are handful no of wrestlers in India who competes in the international arena.. but only a Sushil Kumar gets medal in Olympic despite trained in slums with substandard facilities… He won becos he has that X factor in him…

    Considering the economic and literary status of BM community as a whole I do agree with point Surajit has raised that it is advisable to get a technical ITI certificate rather to b a simple graduate and I believe this issue needs to be considered.
    Pink floyd is also correct that BPOs are not going to go.. In todays global scenario more of emphasis is given on marketing a product rather than in R & D or manufacturing.. and for that Customer Care becomes indispensable. .and so the BPOs.

    It is for those who thinks that there is a fight going on here, I will sympathetically say them that it’s an erudite coterie discussing and addressing a real issue…Its no fun…

    Despite… grt. to read and b a part….


  36. In the beginning of sixties(1962),
    I saw educated(more than 10+2) south Indians boys doing flourishing business in the heart of the erst while bombay city ie Flora Fountain,selling foreign goods and snacks(idli-dosa) near Mantralaya,where as school drop outs local young Marathis earning less,by doing odd jobs.
    Mr.Bal Thakare(Architect of Shivsena)started movement for jobs to locals, similar to what Raj Thakre presently doing.The difference was, he started the movement of driving out south Indian boys in those days and founded 'Shiv Sena'and like his uncle now Mr.Raj Thakre,the founder of Maharashtra Naba Nirman Sena,is driving out the North Indians to conslidate his position.Although both uncle and nephew succeeded in movements in their own way;but north and south indians are still in Mumbai, doing their business or jobs.No one can drive any body,so people should not hesitate to come out from Assam on hearing such news

  37. Thanks henryy da, dhan here...

  38. ha DHON, kimee he? Good to see you. Good post and keep in touch.

  39. Piya jhan jhan
    pado jure
    nopuro bajaioo.

    jobor nungei ose ko .

    hori hori

  40. Thank you all for the feedback, otherwise, I would have died with the myth I have in my mind regarding call centre.

    Now fellow bishnupriya's what about starting a discussion about our people mindset etc. If we start this I am sure it will cross the current mark 41 plus comments. Precaution, this is a very sensitive issue, so most of us will loose temper, and it is advisable to sort out your personal score outside this blog, that means using your email id. i am telling you cause this is a platform open to everyone, so we should not end up disclosing it to our other well wishers. i have the topic but again this will make us public. this is absolutely my view if u want to have a copy u can ask me at (carefully type sinah its not sinha)

  41. Mr. Obai Itao, you seems to be person from music background. So if you are residing in Delhi Can we ask you to recite a poem or choreograph a dance drama on the occassion of Sadhu Baba'r Utsav on 2nd November or any lead you can give us for the same. I really appreciate your cooperation.

  42. Itao girok can get in touch or express his interest and consent in this blog or can refer to the post by Henryy regarding participation in the cultural events to be taken place in the Sadhubaba Utsav on 2nd Nov 2008...

    It wud b a previledge as i also assume Itao babu may be from Ela, Nasa background...

  43. Itao, the Utsav its not for thorough professionals. You seem to be an exponent. Please excuse us.
    However you can try various channels having slots for dance shows.
    Got couple of friends there, can help you.

  44. Following article may help to evaluate more about the prospect and projection of the BPO industry...

  45. View the vidoes as provided below to have a glimpse of how a BPO works.

    Indian Call Center

    This video gives you a glimpse of how an Indian Help desk support affects the life of an Amercian.

    Life at a Call Center

    This video teaches how an ineffective use of a MUTE and HOLD button can make or break a career of a call center agent even if the agent has a Phd.

    Call Center

    These videos will give a glimpse of different types of support service offered by a multitasking Indian BPO professional.


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By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Thakur, the great saint of the Bishnupriya Manipuri Community was born on 26th October, 1871, in a remote village of Cachar district called Baropua in the state of Assam. He was born to a Xatriya Manipuri family. His father Sri Sanatan Pandit was a Sanskrit teacher and mother Srimati Malati Devi, a house wife. Sadhu Baba from his childhood was indifferent to all worldly happenings. He was engrossed in chanting the name of Lord Krishna. Along with other students of his age, Sadhu Baba started taking lessons of grammar and other spiritual literature from his father. At a very young age he lost his mother but he was brought up with utmost love and care by his step mother. At the age of eighteen, Sadhu baba lost his father, so, to continue his spiritual education under the guidance of Rajpandit Mineshwas Swarbabhwam Bhattacherjee, he went to Tripura. But within one year he made up his mind to visit all the holy places and as such he took permis

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Undoubtedly, the accurate period of the emergence or the development of religious consciousness of the Bishnupriya Manipuri is difficult to ascertain, but it is an old one that is undoubted, writes Rini Sinha , Guwahati . Religious beliefs are found virtually in every human society. Religious beliefs usually relates to the existence and worship of a deity or deities and divine involvement in the universe and human life. Religious knowledge according to religious practitioners may be gained from religious leaders, sacred texts or personal revelation. The development of religion has taken many forms in various cultural communities. The accurate period of emergence or development of religious consciousness of the Bishnupriya Manipuries is difficult to ascertain, but it is an old one that is undoubted. However, on the basis of the views of different scholars, pre-historic and historical remain whatsoever is available and from the logic of personal observations, we may put forward some view

The 'Star' Krishankant Sinha of Space City Sigma

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi It is a myth that the all-knowing Internet knows everything. One such myth relates to old television stuff aired on Doordarshan before 1990. Search in Google “Space City Sigma”, the search engine would throw up reminiscent results from the people who still long for those days. Those days were really golden days. Krishankant Sinha in the role of Captain Tara in Space City Singma For those who have watched Doordarshan some 15 to 20 years back, am sure they will have nostalgic memories of it. The days when possessing a now ubiquitous looking television set was a luxury. It was a neighbour’s envy product. It was a visual product to showoff, to flaunt that we have a television set . Those were the days when black and white, locked television was rarely found in homes. The days became immortal for teleserials like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Swami’s Malgudi Days (Ta-Na-Na-Na…), Ek-Do-Teen-Char (Title song: Ek do teen char, chaaro mil ke saath chale to