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It happens...!

In the journey of life, we come across many nightmarish experiences. Sometimes these experiences are horrible, sometimes embarrassing but at the same time it appears very funny. Read…

By Sonika Rajkumari, New Delhi

Till now, I think my life has been full of embarrassing incidents. But for many it may appears as a laughing stock. They literally laugh listening to such incidents. Well, I also don’t mind. Out of many comical incidents I had experienced, I’m going to share with you one of them.

Every morning between 7 to 7.30 a.m, my house used to get chaotic with full of activities.
“I’m getting late.”
“Mom, are you going to keep ready my Tiffin box now, or not?”
“Or, give me 5-10Rupess; I will get some samosa in recess time.”
“Huh, where are my socks? That I had put it here yesterday.”

That was the routine which remained through out my school days. And then ran to school exactly 5 minutes before the closing of the school gate. I remember I never ever reached school early in the morning. I used to enjoy reaching school just few minutes before the school gates are shut.

I was in 12th standard in Guwahati, as usually the morning atmosphere was hullabaloo, as it happens always. I was getting late. The day was Wednesday, means the day we had to wear our white uniform. Hurriedly, I put my lunch box in the bag and was not finding my stupid socks. Without wasting any time I put on my brother’s white jockey socks. After I wore my white shoe which was kept outside in veranda, I slammed it 2-3 times on the floor to check if there is anything inside my shoe like cockroach, mosquitoes or spider etc.

I put on my shoe but when I wore my other shoe, it was tightening me. May be because of that jockey socks, which was very thick and loose to my leg. I was already getting late, so I thought, in classroom I will open it and wear it properly. Carrying my bag I ran towards the school as if I was participating in a marathon. My school was not so far. It was 5 minutes walk from my home. I just had to pass my stony-lane, then had to cross the main road (N.H 37), across it was my school Kendriya Vidyalaya, Borjhar situated inside the Air Force campus.

As I got into the school campus, the gate closed down. The Assembly prayer was ready. But there was no time for me to go to the class first, bang my bag on my desk, and than come to assembly. I put my bag near the stage as I didn’t want to stand in latecomers queue and as punishment pick litters and run around the huge ground three times - after all I was the senior most student. What would be my impression on the junior?

The first period was free, every student was in classroom busy in gossiping, playing, or studying in there respective benches. My desk partner and I were also chatting with the girls sitting behind us. Meanwhile I remembered to take off one of my shoe that was getting tight and wear it properly.

As I took out my foot from the shoe, I saw a red blood mark on the tip of my white socks. I got little bit conscious. Then I peeped inside my shoe with one eye open and one eye closed. What I saw, it shivered my whole body. There was a frog inside my shoe, a dead frog, which didn’t come out while I slammed it on the floor at home. It remained inside my shoe thus causing me to feel tight. Obviously, I crushed the live frog under my finger toe. “uwak chhiiiii” the poor dead frog might had been juggling inside my shoe till it died.

My desk partner turned back towards me and saw the red blood mark on my socks and asked, “What happen?”

“Nothing, I crushed cockroach in my shoe which was inside it” I retorted as I was not finding any other answer.

If I had said her “frog”, she would have shifted her seat somewhere else, my friends would have stayed away from me and ultimately I had to stay alone the whole day.

Then she went on chatting with her friends. After few seconds, I don’t know, she turned back again with a confused face and asked: “do cockroaches have red blood or white!”

“No, I mean yes.., cockroach have white blood but some cockroaches have red blood in colour and some of them are at my home” I blurted.

I do know - cockroaches don’t have red blood, after all I was in science stream.
But at that moment I was not in the mood to talk with anybody or anybody to disturb me. My mind was planning how to cope with the new emerged situation, and what next I have to do.

Satisfied with my answer she carried on to chat with friends again and didn’t turn back and questioned me. Thank God she was a confused person.

Wearing half shoe – my foot half inside and half outside. I went to the washroom to take out the frog. I waited few minutes there for other girls to leave from the washroom. As soon as they left, I closed my both eyes - half open, and threw the dead frog out by slamming the shoe powerfully on the floor.

It was a great relief but blood stains were still inside the shoe. That day in school I didn’t wear that shoe. When the school was over, I went to home wearing the same half shoe - half foot inside half outside. I didn’t tell about this to any of my friends and even to my mummy as well, as I knew if she got to know about this, she would not wash my shoe.

From that day onwards I not only slam my shoes but also verify it with open eyes. Until it satisfies me, I didn’t wear the shoe. No problem whether I m getting late.

So that was my horrible and hair-raising experience or you can also say funny. I wish I won’t face any such experiences again in my life, as I really hate creatures.

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  1. hahahahaahahahaha really refreshing..but i really understand what would have been going in your mind..sorry! but can't stop giggling..very very very nice..these are the golden days that never comes share something more..

    love and regards..ranita di

  2. it is really nice. you have taken me back to my school days. i relived the school days through was a very pleasent experience. thanks and keep it up.

    subrata sinha

  3. Dear Ranika,
    Really it happens to every body,in one way or other.It so happaned,once while returning home from school,after taking part in a school function,I fell on a nulla,when my colligue jumped on the other side.Some one may think, it happens,nay! I was sleeping while walking,keeping my right hand around colligue's neck.In my sleep,I was not knowing,he was about to jump.

  4. ho ho ho ho ho ho, very good. i really like this kinda funny stuff,which make me laugh and confuse face.

    good, keep posting here. Anyway, m not a regular visitor here, but if there is any interesting point people make out, then i must read.

    Jyotirmoy (J)

  5. Great experience na... but its ok yaar its a part of life. Right now i m remembering my school days when i was in 12th standard and used to do dissection of animals... anyways nice article and keep it up.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. hey pompi..........i dont know why all peculiar incidents happen with u only..hahaha..........sorry..i shud not laugh..........well..i never heard abt red blooded cockroach...lolz..plz keep writin..n keep

  8. wowwww relly grt na, akhir yeh hamari soni ha, eveythng is possible in her world,
    n mujhe toh pata hona hi hai, 24 hrs mere sath jo rehti hai aur yeh badmash mein use comnt kar rahi hu aur baad mein padne ki wajaye mere sath baithkar padh rahi hai


  9. oh soni 2jhe disection bohot pasand tha kya


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