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In the name of change?

By BN Sinha, New Delhi

Everything changes, continuously; nothing remains as it is, even from one moment to the next. There is a constant transition taking place in ecology, orbital positions, geo-political system and in every domain; and the same can be witnessed in our living style, food habits, attire etc. Literally speaking, everything is in a state of transition with respect to time.

With the passage of time, transition is being witnessd in every demography, in every society of a country. But the pace is definitely more in the countries that registers a consistent rapid economic growth, especially in a country like India.

May it be urban or rural, today’s India as a whole is quite different from the India of the pre liberalization era. A radical change has been noticed in every aspect of an Indian after we welcomed the economic liberalization and globalization in the 90's.

Bishnupriya Manipuri community as a whole is also not exempted from the effect. It was quite a common belief in our community that we can count the number of Doctors , Engineers, Academicians and established persons residing in cities of India and abroad. Though it’s a fact that there are limited number of persons who kissed the success in their respective fields and we believe we know all of them. But things are changing rapidly. BM guys no longer wait for the sarkari chaakuri any more after graduation. Many of us don’t know that BM guys are in MNCs like Mittals, KPMG, Price Waterhouse, Mckinsey, TCS, Oracle, Adobe and many. Our guys are also making their presence felt in other field of operation like Media, Finance, Economics etc in India and abroad.

Our food habits are also changing with time. The urban coterie is quite familiar with Mc Donalds, KFC , TGIF , Subways etc., they can now differentiate between Lebanese and Thai foods. They are also aware of the fact that Bordeaux is a red wine brand and also a name of a city in Germany, White Mischief a vodka and Chivas Regal a whiskey. Though paltoi and erolpa still remains our favorite but due to dearth of availability in cities , the burger – pizza- noodle culture gradually replacing the old food habits. Can we remember when last we had an “Amulir Erolpa” or an “Useir khar” or some “Tokpa Ninkam” as salad???

The change is not limited to food habits, it is also noticed in other fronts like naming of new born children. Now , names like Rahul, Rehan, Sayan, Sweta, Simran have taken place of Raghavendra, Manoranjan, Satyabrata, Madhumita, Sumatibala etc. Few are one step ahead to name their kids as Dicky, Henry, Michael, Olivia, Jeniffer, Daizy etc.

Now, all these names - Borachauba, Papuloong, Moiangsena, Numitsena, Kunjolata, Babasena etc are on the “expired” names list. Now we can see one Moirangsena’s grandson as Dicky …and we are not surprised.

All the changes in the community are definitely inevitable and for the betterment of civilization.

But are we going to miss those names like Kartiksena, Kusumkumari, Gokulchand etc .a twenty odd years down the line? God Knows!!


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